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Scubaquarius 09-16-20 09:55 AM

Suggestions for Assist Arms for Catrike Villager
Greetings recumbent riders,

I want to thank everyone who responded as I was getting my wife her Catrike Villager with suggestions and so on. She has recovered from
a cardiac arrest, DVT, and Pulmonary Embolus but still has balance issues. The balance issues make it difficult for her to get in and out
of her Catrike Villager. I want to avoid her hurting her back.
I would like to get her some Assist Arms (or whatever they are called) to make it easier for her to mount and unmount the trike.
I found some at called Catrike Assist Arms made by Terracycle for $149.00.
Would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions: Are these decent? Would you suggest something else?

Thanks so much,

VegasTriker 09-16-20 12:20 PM

A lot of people have recommended Power On Cycling as a source for entry assistance parts. The owner has been active in helping veteran rehabilitation for years. I bought stuff from him in the past and was always happy with my purchases. Here is a picture showing a set on a Catrike (model?) for $95. That's a lot less than the other sellers want.

The other source is Utah Trikes where they do a lot of custom fabrication and modifications to trikes. The cost is about the same as what you get from Terracycle.

Terracycle price is now $165 but their website shows them being out of stock

Scubaquarius 09-16-20 01:24 PM

Thanks so much,


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