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bjjoondo 12-28-20 11:40 AM

A late December rec ride
We were very lucky this year as both Christmas Day and the 26th. were excellent weather for Southern Colorado! We got out and about on the bikes both days, 16 miles on Christmas and 21 on the 26th. Sunny, light wind, 50-55 F!! Mostly different urban trails, bike lanes and back streets with very little traffic for a change of pace! :) On the 26th. we went in search to see if they've even started the new addition to the Sand Creek Trail that's being added due to the new dual bridge over Platte Ave. along Powers Blvd. they have started. Alas nothing new has been added, these photos of the Sand Creek trail just past Fountain Blvd. where the concrete runs out into a dirt path that goes for a short ways and then ends in a field, bummer. Oh well, hopefully it will progress faster once the Spring weather comes along and they ramp up on the bridge project! Hope you got to put in a ride, Happy New Year's! :)
The end of the Sand Creek Trail, just past Fountain Blvd. heading north.
Same view but heading South, to pick up a bike lane and head towards home.

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