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lvillegas28 07-03-19 08:41 PM

Broken front brake?
Please help!

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if there is any easy way to fix my front brake. I attached a youtube link with the video. I'm concerned I may have broke the brake while putting the bike in the back of my car. The brake is loose about half way when pulling back. The pistons appear to be stuck closed. I don't know if the two matters are related. I pushed the pistons back to what appears to be flush but I still have a hard time getting my front disc in. If anyone has any suggestions to what the problem might be please let me know. I'm at a complete loss.

Rick 07-03-19 11:10 PM

The link failed. Do 8 more posts and you can then post a video.

MAYAM 07-07-19 05:19 PM

Posting up pictures would be great.

RayLee 07-09-19 08:33 AM

pulling a hydraulic brake lever with no rotor installed will do this, they are self adjusting for pad wear so pulling the lever "sets" them close together or even touching one another... you need to get them back out, I would remove the pad and pry the pistons apart with a stiff plastic tire lever or large flat head screwdriver, reinstall pad and wheel then pull the lever a few time to set them back.

fietsbob 07-10-19 09:30 AM

^^ this ^^ you need a 'Keeper' one was in the caliper when the bike shop put the bike together.

So , ask the shop for a few ... keep them with you... any time you take the wheel out, to put it in the car
put the keeper in the caliper..

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