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RMoudatir 08-15-19 09:01 PM

Had a minor accident with a man on a bicycle
Today I was delivering something in Downtown Los Angeles and on a street I made a right turn about 10-15 mph and this man who I had actually seen earlier just riding his bike all over the street in the middle of traffic was on the wrong side of the road hugging close to some cars and he just came out of nowhere, I swerved my bike to the left to avoid him crashing into me head on and my front tire loses it's footing then I fall over my bike. The man acts like nothing happens and carries on what he was doing. This lady was in front of the incident by a taco stand and she just tells me "you gotta pay attention!" while she was smirking at me. My right shifter crushed and broke at the top but still works and the stem/fork shifted like 90 degrees to the right but can just readjust it. I have this nasty lump on my left shin it hurts a lot when I walk, In the moment it didn't hurt at all and I was just pissed off with the guy, I just let him go since he seemed like one of those homeless people on the streets typically.

Rage 08-15-19 09:15 PM

I’m just glad you’re mostly okay.

tim24k 08-16-19 03:31 AM

Originally Posted by Rage (Post 21077706)
Iím just glad youíre mostly okay.

+ one!
Sadly I see the homeless doing things like that here a lot.

FlMTNdude 08-16-19 04:47 AM

I was embarrassed by a near miss with a cyclist yesterday. Was in my service truck, strobes on, pulling out of a tight parallel parking spot downtown in heavy rain. Nearly did not see a cyclist coming up in the bike lane, fully lit. I usually am pretty good with this, as I mostly bike commute. Sometimes nearly unavoidable.
Good to hear you are ok.

Korina 08-16-19 06:53 PM

Those riders are why drivers generally try to give me 8' when passing. {sigh} OP, I'm glad you're mostly okay.

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