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JoeyBike 01-06-19 11:03 AM

I skated to work today. Weather FINALLY cleared up.

Trotsky 01-08-19 03:22 PM

Usual places.
I rode to the gym, then when finished I rode back. Late morning I walked to the St Ann garrison Barbados and walked around the outside of the horse track for about 9 km. The garrison is nice because there is less traffic and nice shaded areas. I do this walk a couple times a week. Other walks are to Oistins or Dover, both are along the sea.

Trotsky 01-09-19 12:32 PM

Easy ride today.
I ride to the gym every day except Saturdays and Sundays, which are long rides far and wide around the island. After the gym, shower and something to eat, I rode to two supermarkets as Wednesdays are food shopping days. I ride to Kendall hill to shop at Popular Discounters, as they have the best prices. Then back to Massy, as they have Waitrose goods, which are a reasonably priced store brand. A little over 10 km. Kendall hill looks like a sliding board from the bottom as it has the same shape and slope. It's a good workout getting to the top. Coming down, I get over 50 kmh.

wipekitty 01-09-19 10:02 PM

Time for a little home improvement!

Yesterday, I went to the home improvement store to pick up a new kitchen faucet. It fit (barely) in my messenger bag...along with a giant dog bone I picked up to keep the pup busy while I worked.

That project went so well that I went again today (with the bike trailer) and got a new vanity top and bathroom faucet. Sadly, the parts are not all playing nice together, so I'll have to go back tomorrow and pick up a few more things to finish the project.

We finally have what I consider nice winter weather: cold (highs in the teens, Fahrenheit), dry, and sunny! Before it was hovering around freezing and just kind of blah. I'll take the sunshine any day.

Machka 03-14-19 02:17 AM

Walking To Date
2019 - 213.91 km
2018 - 328.5 km
2017 - 312.75 km
2016 - 195.05 km
2015 - 181.36 km

Starting to pick up the pace a bit with the walking ... back at uni!

BTW 213.91 km is about 280,721.78 steps. Not too bad for someone who has a back & hip injury ... and who had the flu recently.
Kilometers to Steps | Kyle's Converter

wipekitty 03-15-19 10:33 PM

I actually went for a walk! I've missed walking.

It was sunny and warm (40F), and perhaps the first day since early to mid January that the sidewalks were mostly clear of ice. It's been a long couple months of cold weather, ice, snow, and trying to dodge cars while clunking around on studded tires.

The sunny, warm weather got me motivated to start doing my annual project of modifying my road bike. So I went to the bike shop and had them shift around the crown race on my forks, talked about bikes, and picked up some shifter cables. Then I stopped at the store and picked up a few food items.

dingster1 03-17-19 04:52 PM

Walked the High Bridge in Farmville Va.

nuxx 03-30-19 11:36 AM

I live in Copenhagen... so a little "unfair" as we basically go everywhere on bike and have dedicated bike paths all across the city. :)

wipekitty 03-31-19 07:59 PM

Saturday's ride was an interesting one. I decided that I wanted to do a short recreational ride (up a hill and back) but also needed to do "big" grocery shopping. Solution? Bike to store, leave trailer locked up, take a ride, come back, and collect groceries and trailer. This also solved the problem of carrying a bag while climbing wallet, etc. fit in a jersey pocket, and it's really just the groceries that need to be hauled somehow.

I ended up with a solid 23.5 miles of riding - 4.6 with the trailer, and the rest just for fun.


No trailer!

Machka 05-13-19 08:14 PM

Walking To Date

2019 - 382.3 km
2018 - 540.8 km
2017 - 491.8 km
2016 - 388.5 km
2015 - 367.2 km

And yesterday, for example, I walked 7.6 km.

Home to bus
Bus to uni
Uni to work
Work to physio
Physio to work
Bus to home

It all adds up! :)

Pobble.808 05-15-19 11:11 PM

Among other rides today, I went a measly two miles, some of it in a dedicated bike lane, to the Hawaii State Library to snag a copy of Eric Newby's "Round Ireland in Low Gear":

On the way back I stumbled across a farmer's market where I scored a colossal bunch of locally grown organic rainbow chard for $3, which qualifies as a near-steal in Honolulu :D

wipekitty 05-25-19 02:18 PM

Fresh from the wipekitty carries weird things files: Balloons!

My stepdaughter graduated high school yesterday, and I wanted to pick up a few things: posterboard, photos, and helium balloons. The closest place to get helium filled balloons is 4.5 miles away. I tied them to the front of my messenger bag, where they did remarkably long as I was moving forward. I got quite a few strange looks on the ride home.

Incidentally, this is not the first time I've biked with helium balloons.

Rollfast 05-26-19 07:33 PM

I'm just surprised you didn't have people stalking you to the ice cream parlor.

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