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atsui 05-28-19 05:42 AM

home security
Guys, do you use some security alarm systems in your houses or garages?

ahsposo 05-28-19 06:09 AM

Next you'll want to know my address and where I hide the cash, jewelry and guns.

02Giant 05-28-19 06:54 AM

I do.

indyfabz 05-28-19 07:27 AM

My cat. It doesn't work.

skidder 05-28-19 07:34 AM

Try these simple tips first and you probably don't need to spend $$$ on a home security system:
* I lock my doors and windows when I go out.
* I know my neighbors and they know me, so we know when someone 'odd' is lurking around the neighborhood.
* If I go on vacation I let the neighbors use my driveway to park a car (or two) on streetsweeping days and when they have friends over (makes it look like someone is home).
* I use timers on a few interior lights so it looks like someone is home in the early evening (5PM -10PM).
* Don't flaunt it if you own hi-priced jewelry or firearms - criminals love both as they are easy to sell on the black market.

Most of those security system companies advertise based on fear, but nothing is 100% safe, including a commercial security system. Do the above and you'll probably eliminate +95% of the crime opportunities.

RubeRad 05-28-19 11:33 AM

No alarm system, but for long trips we do put lamps on timers.

I am constantly amazed at the burgeoning market for smart home tech (smart fridges, smart speakers, etc), but a wi-fi security-camera system seems like a great idea. (Also smart thermostats)

Juan Foote 05-28-19 11:37 AM

Yup. I have two of them on four legs each. They will keep you busy petting them long enough for me to get back home.

Seattle Forrest 05-28-19 12:03 PM

I was riding a gravel road yesterday, and saw a gate. A lot of the time gates mean the road is closed to motorized vehicles, but that doesn't apply to bikes. There was a sign, so I rode up to see if it applies to me. Sign read "beware of dog." Yep, that applies to me.

genec 05-28-19 04:39 PM

Just a sign.

Steve B. 05-28-19 06:20 PM

I have Ring units front and back door. That at least logs when and who triggers those units.

atsui 05-29-19 12:30 AM

I do not have security alarm system too, but recently someone stole my bike from garage. I contacted with police and they promissed to help me with it. But I decided to install some security system in my garage. I checked some security companies and will find good info and will contact with it in the near future.

gnome 05-29-19 09:19 PM

Originally Posted by RubeRad (Post 20951101)
No alarm system, but for long trips we do put lamps on timers.

I am constantly amazed at the burgeoning market for smart home tech (smart fridges, smart speakers, etc), but a wi-fi security-camera system seems like a great idea. (Also smart thermostats)

I'd prefer a hard-wired security camera rather than a wi-fi one. It's a lot harder to hack a hard-wired circuit than a wi-fi one.

RubeRad 05-30-19 09:16 AM

Is it? wirecutters are pretty cheap

TakingMyTime 05-30-19 10:03 AM

No formal security system here.

We're fortunate to live in what is considered a VERY low crime neighborhood/area. That doesn't mean we haven't had any problems, but most of them are crimes of opportunity where people will walk down the street and look for unlocked cars. We lock our house securely whenever we're at work or away. I do not leave our garage door open unless necessary and/or someone will be coming and going frequently. Our neighbors have our cell numbers and will call us and/or the police if anything out of the ordinary happens. We alert our neighbors whenever we'll be away for longer than a day.

We leave nothing in our cars. I don't want anyone to be tempted to break into our car for something laying there or that might be under a jacket or blanket. Although the cars do not have alarms, they are always lock, even while in the garage.

We're also fortunate that we have a incredible police response time. Anytime anything happens in our neighborhood there will be nothing less that 3 cars showing up.

RubeRad 05-30-19 10:27 AM

I'm in a very safe suburb as well.

A few weeks ago my stupid kid left the garage door open when he took the trash out at night, and it was open all night. Nothing was stolen, although I think 8 bikes were right there for the taking, a 3D printer that would have just needed unplugging, other sports equipment, not to mention anybody could have walked right into the house and helped themselves to anything.

roadfix 05-30-19 10:30 AM

Fake outdoor cameras. I'm good with that.

NoWhammies 05-30-19 10:48 AM

Anyone have any experience with Hub6?

BenzFanatic 05-30-19 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by RubeRad (Post 20954111)
Is it? wirecutters are pretty cheap

That was my thought when I was trying to decide if I should spend the money on a camera system, or to try out a wifi cam. Granted I only want 1, maybe 2 cameras because I live in a tiny apartment. If someone wants to destroy the camera, there is at least going to be the video of them breaking in and walking towards it, which will have been uploaded to the cloud service. Either will be destroyed if someone wants to, just like if someone really wants to get into your car or house, it's pretty hard to stop them within reason.

The wifi cam I own has motion/sound detection, motion tracking, can be moved remotely, mic and speaker, etc, and cost about $40. Not a substitute for a security system, but that's how I use it. I would recommend anyone try one before spending a ton of money on a whole system, if it fits your needs, that is. Gives me a lot of peace of mind for ~$85 in annual cloud fees, and I'm sure there are cheaper ones.

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