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chas58 08-06-19 07:05 AM

Found this on my commute, what the heck is it?
I had to duck to avoid this one. Yes there is an insect emerging from some type of cocoon. What is it???

55murray 08-06-19 07:44 AM

Some kind of bagworm.

MEversbergII 08-06-19 08:14 AM

Yep, that's a bagworm. They are rife down here in Maryland and further south, though evidently they've been migrating further north each year for about a decade or so.

chas58 08-06-19 01:22 PM

Wow, Interesting. Never heard of them.

We'll they have made up to 42 degrees northern latitude apparently.

Darth Lefty 08-06-19 04:51 PM

Body snatcher

OmegaWolf 08-06-19 05:19 PM

I've seen things like that in swamps, but not hanging from trees.

linigari.1 08-06-19 05:23 PM

Definitely something Id find under my bed

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