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SpeedofLite 11-16-20 10:19 AM

RAGBRAI 2021 -- Bubba's Pampered Pedalers Not Participating
I learned this morning that BPP is not offering their services for RAGBRAI in 2021.
Although not much seems certain these days and RAGBRAI 2021 is not guaranteed to happen at all or at least without some level of public health inconvenience,
the other charter services might fill up more quickly this year when one of the largest bows out.

shelbyfv 11-22-20 08:13 AM

It's been a few years since I last saw Bubba. Back then he was obese and sedentary. Pretty high risk for a bad COVID experience. He'd be smart to minimize his exposure.

Doubleplay 11-24-20 09:24 AM

Bubba is busy with his overpriced tours in other places.
He doesn't need Ragbrai anymore, lol.

mstateglfr 11-30-20 03:07 PM

Huh. With the fallout from the Register's divisive reporting last year, the failure of Iowa's Ride, and covid cancelling everything- who knows what next year's RAGBRAI will look like in '21.
It could be huge because so many people want to get back to enjoying the awesome week.
It could be smaller because so many people are still concerned about distancing.
Heck, it may not happen for a second year, if vaccine distribution isnt able to ramp up enough by then or if it doesnt work as well as hoped.

Pugs2xLove 01-11-21 07:35 PM

RAGBRAI 2021 - Anyone plan on participating? I'm from Iowa and planning to participating a few days possibly the entire week. Haven't decided yet.

TLaurent 01-25-21 03:11 PM

If it’s happening, I would like to participate.

Pugs2xLove 01-25-21 06:06 PM

Originally Posted by TLaurent (Post 21894583)
If itís happening, I would like to participate.

They're announcing the routes this weekend so unless another pandemic breaks out, it's on!!!

Gunther20 03-11-21 09:33 PM

It appears RAGBRAI is a full go after the announcement this week. Can’t wait!

TLaurent 03-19-21 10:19 PM

I am riding and working on recruiting others. Is there a bf team captain?

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