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kevlenahan 04-10-20 04:39 AM

Economic merit of electric bikes compared to motorized bikes

I am carrying out an economic analysis comparing the the start up and running cost of operating a electric and motorized bike. I would be using this bike to commute to work in the summer time, about 5km - 10km depending, and am wondering which type of bike I should purchase.

I am looking for some assistance finding out the cost of buying and running either of the bikes as well as any other factors that should be considered like lifespan of the bikes.

Thanks in advance.

KC8QVO 04-10-20 07:49 AM

Look at your local regs/laws on how the bikes are classified. If you are talking about a gas scooter or moped in comparison - you need to register those and have insurance. A bike does not. So even if you spend 50-70-100% more on a nice E-bike set up at start up over the cost of a suitable combustion engine bike the operational cost will include registration and insurance on the gas bike, whereas you probably won't have those on an E-bike so you will recoup the initial investment over time.

As to numbers - no idea on how to put that out there for ya. Start with the purchase prices, fuel consumption, fuel costs, registration costs, insurance costs, etc.

Also keep in mind that speed is usually limited on E-bikes (regulatory) to 20-25mph. A motor scooter can go a lot faster. So if speed/time efficiency is important this might be a big point of consideration. You aren't going to get an E-bike that doesn't require registering that will do 40-45mph legally.

Last thought - if you get in to the requirement of registration - that isn't just "registration". The reason you are registering is because your vehicle has to meet the classification of vehicle requirements for which you are registering. So then you have to comply with the equipment and construction that is required for that class. It isn't that you can put an engine on a bicycle, make it go 65mph, and get it registered as a "motor cycle". It has to be "built as a motor cycle".

alloo 04-10-20 08:05 AM

Ebike will beat the moped all the time. No registration, Free parking, lower tune up costs, no insurance...etc. Cheaper fuel costs. The only place where the moped will beat the bike is time. I ride a scooter and ebike, the ebike is definately more economical to ride. When I need to get to somewhere fast I ride my scooter.

KC8QVO 04-10-20 08:11 AM

This is pretty far from the subject of an E-bike, but it documents the evolution of a home-built vehicle (a trike in this case) and the tribulations of registration vs construction.

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