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wingless 10-01-18 08:17 AM

wingless' Telephone Mount
My work has me on the other side of the country for extended duration assignment, so I purchased a bicycle for usage at that location.

The area is unfamiliar to me, so I've been studying maps and it would be useful to have my telephone mounted on the handlebars for real-time maps.

A reasonably-priced mount was purchased on eBay. It has a spring-loaded jaw, w/ a large locking knob. There is also a compass and white LED lights.

The mount has a ball joint that permits articulation to different attitudes.

During my first ride on a flat surface the ball joint arm snapped at the ball. The vendor provided a refund, permitting me to retain the broken parts.

The mount was redesigned and reworked by me to eliminate the ball joint and arm, by rigidly bonding the parts together. The rework was "easy" requiring two different small-diameter drill bits, two additional small screws, slightly longer than existing screws and a secure Torx driver.

The mount is very nice and would have been great had it not failed. The spring jaw is easy to operate, to place the phone, then to remove the phone. The jaws have soft cushioning rubber to avoid damage to the phone. The large clamp knob may be used to lock the jaw, if desired, but the spring jaw is very secure w/o locking the knob.

The mount is advertised as "aluminum", but the body is plastic. The ball joint knob tightening screw is aluminum, but that is the only part made from that metal.

The disc compass works fine. It must be flat to the ground to work, the rotation stops when not flat to the ground.

The dual white LED lamps have a "large" soft on/off push button switch on the end of the mount. Each switch press cycles the lamp through these states: On; Slow Blink; Fast Blink and Off. There are two CR2032 3V coin cell batteries that are easy to change by removing two Phillips head screws.

The mount is attached to the handlebars w/ secure Torx screws. An angle secure Torx driver is supplied, having a plain rod on the long arm and the correct secure Torx drive on the short arm. It would have been handy to have both ends w/ the correct drive, for fast attachment, followed by proper tightening.

This modified mount now provides the required secure telephone retention during bicycle operation.

Mass: 136g (final modified condition)
Body Dimensions: 6" long x 1" wide x 2" deep
Jaw Dimensions: 2-1/8" to 3"

Modified Configuration

LED Batteries

Original Configuration

wingless 10-04-18 09:20 PM

My usage of this modified telephone mount has the telephone level to the ground.

In that orientation the two white T-1 3/4 LED lamps are pointing down. A better orientation would be for those lamps to be pointing forward.

The mount has been modified by me to change from two white T-1 3/4 through hole LED lamps pointing down to a single white 1206 SMT LED lamp pointing forward.

Electrical measurements showed the two existing T-1 3/4 LED lamps shared 10mA of forward current.

The 1206 SMT LED lamps I selected are rated at 20mA forward current, maximum, so I used only one part instead of two.

Both white T-1 3/4 LED lamps were removed. The long leads on those through hole parts had a 90 bend so they would protrude through the housing.

A single 1206 SMT LED lamp was soldered onto the PCB pads. A new hole was drilled in the housing above that SMT lamp.

Now the white light is shining forward. My plan is to use this in fast blink mode.

wingless 10-11-18 11:19 AM

The modified mount has been used on several long rides and is now all-set.

The phone is secure, in a good position, easy to remove / replace and providing the desired / required utility.

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