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peterws 08-06-19 02:07 PM

Bike seats? Comfort, men's health
Mainly upright riding position. Got to be comfy, on hard tyres and allow decent ventilation; it'll be used for rides of an hour, max, so looking at below 50 or $ equiv. (Not much in it these days . . . ) Like something you sit on, and think "Ohhhh! That's comfy . ."
There's a dearth of decent reviews on most stuff I've researched, so . . any bargains out there? :D

MattTheHat 08-06-19 02:37 PM

Try as I may, I cannot find a saddle more comfortable than the Serfas Dual Density with cut-out. I've used it on a mountain bike and three different road bikes for rides up to 100 miles. I'm not sure if it's available in the UK or not, but I highly recommend it.

Link on Amazon


ironwood 08-06-19 02:38 PM

What's comfortable for one person might be torture for another. The one bike I ride in an upright position has an old Brooks double railed B72. I got it off a bike I found in the metal pile at the local "Recycling and Transfer Station", formerly known as the Dump. The new ones are expensive.

Sojodave 08-06-19 03:22 PM

Don't let price prevent you from getting a good saddle. Unfortunately, you have to try a bunch before you find the one. I've gone through a dozen saddles and I find the Specialized Power & Power Arc saddles fit me the best. Your mileage may vary.

davester 08-06-19 03:29 PM

Many bike shops have loaner programs where you can try out different saddles before you settle on the one you want to buy.

Vintage Schwinn 08-06-19 05:38 PM

SEARCH EBAY (though not for anything other than NEW Chinese made spring saddle seats with a cut-out hole in the center of this wide seat...)

You'll find them called "Big Bum Seats" or "Wide Bum Seats" or "Wide Saddle Seats"

THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM TO CHOOSE FROM...some without the cut-out hole , and some with it. (most are in the $14 to $20 cost range with FREE SHIPPING)

There is a large Chinese maker, called GUB (they make everything from helmets, to accessories, to seats) reliable, well-engineered quality on everything that I have tried from them, so my guess is that their seat is okay too. I do know that they make a very large and heavy cruiser type saddle that has very large coil spring suspension that is said to be very comfortable, but it probably weighs three pounds.
GUB does make a fantastic helmet called the GUB CITY classic or something like that, it has an integral visor (not removeable) that is molded as part of the outer protective shell.....this helmet is available in just four colors BLUE, RED, WHITE, OR of the better helmets that I have seen......rounded back ...not aero in shape.....much more like what police personnel in my region wear for head protection while riding police bicycles. Incredibly comfortable too with great padding and the dial in knob............................see GUBгͷƷƹ|гͷ|нгó޹˾ but you may have to learn to read Chinese......................the quality of the GUB helmet is fantastic and some of their accesories has been really good. There are some direct from China ebayers that sell some of GUB items.

freeranger 08-07-19 06:06 AM

I have a Terry Men's Liberator (very old one) that I still use on my It's a comfortable saddle. One that Terry makes which might work for a more upright position is the Men's Cite Y Gel--here's a link and read the Terry Guarantee in the upper right corner. I didn't have to use it with my Liberator, so can't speak firsthand how easily it might be to make a return if needed. Link: Terry Men's Cite Y Gel Bicycle Seat Threads about which saddle always come up, and as you know, the same saddle may be great for one rider and torture for another.

John E 08-07-19 06:09 AM

I have an old Terry Liberator that has served me well, but is now wearing out. I am also partial to Brooks Pro saddles, not just on the road bikes, but also on my mountain bike, with its somewhat more upright riding position.

ev780 08-07-19 03:50 PM

I got really lucky when my bike fitter put this Planet Bike ARS on my Trek in '07! One of the few that got it right the first time. Even after a long lay off I never get saddle sore. And its $40 on Amazon.

{image wouldn't post thus deleted. Ask the Google}

Runinman72 08-08-19 09:39 AM

Ride the saddle before buying. Too personal an item. Would not buy on-line unless you have tried it!

Myosmith 08-10-19 07:18 PM

Keep your eye on the bargain bins at your LBS. Both of the ones I frequent have bins for saddles that have been replaced when a customer wanted something different. Most are entry level saddles (don't totally dismiss these, I've got a Bontrager SSR on my MTB that I find quite comfortable despite it being a "cheap" seat). I've found Specialized Avatars and Toupes for less than half of new and you couldn't tell anyone had ever sat on them.

wyd 08-11-19 02:15 AM

I know for me I'm not too much of a fan of most standard seats that come with your bike. I didn't like my seat on my Specialized Expedition Sport comfort bike so after some research I ended up going with the Serfas FS-CR gel seat. Wow a comfortable seat that I could actually ride and enjoy myself instead of riding in pain. Now I have a new hybrid bike and will again be getting a Serfas gel seat so i can ride in comfort. Going to go a little smaller for my new seat but will still be the Serfas gel style for sure.

BiciMan 08-17-19 06:39 PM

My 50-lb aluminum electric bike is the only one that requires a specially-cushy saddle, but I don't like or nor need the cushiest kinds. I have used the Serfas Performance Rx on this bike since new and it's suited me fine. Unfortunately, it's currently $72 at Amazon in the US. I paid $70 in 2013. I for sure have seen it for at least $65 in the interim -still not cheap, but not as ridiculously-priced as many others. There are other/non-"Performance" Rx models that sell for less, but I've never used any of them. Good like on finding a comfortable option that fits and suits you well.

N.B.: I stopped riding on "hard tires" years ago, and skinny ones, even on my road bike. Also, I'm continuously checking myself that I'm always riding on my seat bones.

tim24k 08-18-19 12:21 AM

That’s odd I have never ever replaced a stock recumbent seat. :)

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