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drew62266 08-13-19 09:02 AM

2020 TDF attending
I live in Texas and married to a Brit. We go over to UK/London every other year. Next year, we plan to be in the UK during the TDF. I would love to hop across the channel and witness it. Has any one ever done so? Any advice. I believe the 2020 full route will be announced in October, we'll be able to plan better then. I would love to catch it in a small village one day and make Paris for the final.

Brian25 08-13-19 03:19 PM

My opinion is that it is a lousy spectator event. You stand by the road, the go by, you can't really tell what is happening and then they are gone. A really good bicycle spectator event is velodrome racing. The one in London has seating for at least 6,000 and I understand they have a lot of exciting events going on there.

drew62266 08-19-19 05:25 AM

Good idea on the velodrome. Just checking out their website. You can actually book times to ride it. They even provide the bike.

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