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SlinkyWizard 08-16-19 09:18 PM


SlinkyWizard 08-16-19 09:21 PM

Ok, video is working

SlinkyWizard 08-16-19 09:29 PM

mstateglfr 08-16-19 11:15 PM

Cant say Im surprised at the result. Being dumb tends to push your odds towards bad results.

SlinkyWizard 08-17-19 12:10 AM

On ******, there is audio of the video, unfortunately, I couldn't properly copy the link,

but all the riders blamed the driver .

Trevtassie 08-17-19 12:34 AM

Darwin at his finest.... "oooh, think I'll try and squeeze between a truck and a car, pulling a wheelie, while one of my mates is distracting the driver, what could possibly go wrong?"

GrainBrain 08-17-19 08:23 AM

Lol this is the most anticlimactic ending I could think of. Kid got lucky the truck driver stopped and was watching or that would've ended with alot more blood :eek:

Kids on bikes: Hey! Why'd you do that?

Guy in car: Says nothing, calls police.

Kids on bikes: Ride off...

They couldn't even pop off the Mercedes emblem :lol:

dmanthree 08-17-19 01:40 PM

Morons. Hard to believe anyone could be that stupid, but the video doesn't lie.

Korina 08-17-19 03:28 PM

And that's why cagers hate cyclists. ::facepalm::

Wileyrat 08-18-19 10:47 AM

Stupid is as stupid does.

When things go bad for them, they're going to go very bad.

Milton Keynes 08-19-19 08:38 AM

I love how the kid pounds on the car and berates the motorist, as if it were his fault. No, trying to ride a wheelie between a car and a truck is not going to end well for you. Just be grateful there were no injuries.

On the bright side, if the car running over his front wheel damaged it, he could just ride a wheelie all the way home.

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