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Fobbers 07-03-15 12:07 AM

phone mount for my 7.3 FX
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a bike mount for my 7.3 FX. The phone I am using is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I wonder if Bontrager will make one for Samsung phones and not just Apple. Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated. I just don't like carrying it in my backpack anymore when I ride.

WDH74 07-03-15 10:58 PM

Well, I have a Handleband The Handleband Bike Mount - The Photojojo Store! , which is universal and easy to take off the bike. But, I have an iPhone 5 which is a good deal smaller than a Note. This might be the main problem - these new "phablets" are gigantic, and some of them seem, to my mind, to be too large for a practical handlebar mount.

fietsbob 07-04-15 07:30 AM

I recommend pockets , to not be distracted, and killed in traffic.

dscobbie 07-04-15 09:02 AM

This is what I use and I am pleased with it.
Koomus BikeGo 2 Bike Mount Holder Cradle for iPhone 6

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