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RockiesDad 06-22-17 12:18 PM

Who's buying all these high end bikes?
Just wondering who do you think are buying all these high end designer/handmade type bikes? My guess is most of the folks in this particular forum (+50). I think most of us here can afford to get a Ti or custom steel frame if we really wanted to. Do you think the average Joe Biker can afford to get these? A young person with a family or at work trying to make ends meet wouldn't choose one of these so that leaves us old farts with enough disposable income to keep all these small business in business...

Personally, I would like a Ti gravel bike...

What do you think?

Barrettscv 06-22-17 12:37 PM

I ride with several cyclist who own bikes that cost more than $5000 each, and they have 2 or more bikes of this value.

These gentlemen participate in some local race events. Saving seconds is big business. Personally, I enjoy taking out my 1983 De Rosa Professional and setting the pace.

Ti is the ultimate Gravel Bike frame material, just ask yourself how often the bike will be used prior to investing.

Wildwood 06-22-17 12:45 PM

Buy a bunch.
From American craftsmen.
Many US Ti builders = too many to list
Custom steel frame @ $1,000 .Curtlo Cycles - Handmade bicycles. Custom Mountain Bike, Road, Cyclocross, Tandem bikes. and Many others.
Handmade in US Carbon Fiber = $2,400 Luna frame or custom available.

Don't know which age group buys the most $6,000 bikes? Interesting question...

ddub 06-22-17 01:20 PM

These days it seems 5k plus for a bike is almost normal if the components are toward the pointy end quality wise or electric. The higher quality bikes from most big manufacturers start at this price point and go crazy from there. Really for the money a custom frame is a great way to enjoy what you can afford without having an everyman bike brand. TI, carbon or steel. I know a couple more frame builders worthy of mention. Alchemy (Ti and Carbon) and Allied, a newcomer but they look good and the carbon layup for both companies are in house. I've witnessed Alchemy's Ti welding and finish, it's gorgeous. Thanks for the Curtlo link. Interesting for the price

Wildwood 06-22-17 01:56 PM

Originally Posted by ddub (Post 19670642)
Thanks for the Curtlo link. Interesting for the price

His prices will have to go up soon as True Temper tubing (US drawn steel, i think) has exited the market, or so i read on the internet. :foo: How much? IDK.

Biker395 06-22-17 02:07 PM

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I was just at a bike shop in Playa del Rey. They had a beautiful Bianchi down there for $11,000. :twitchy:

There are folks out there with the disposable income for that ... or people who couldn't care less about the car they drive, but want an awesome bike. It's all good.

The bike I've been riding as of late (and will likely ride this weekend on the double century) is an Schwinn frame I got for $80 from Nashbar, built out for maybe about a total of $500. It climbs well, descends well, and is reasonably comfortable. But it's not nearly as pretty as that Bianchi.

Bob Ross 06-22-17 02:53 PM

I'm not sure I understand the point of this thread...but if it helps, I own a couple of custom handmade bicycles, and I'm over 50, so, uh, yeah. What was the question?

tony2v 06-22-17 02:57 PM

That would be me.
I own a custom Moots Compact, Alchemy Xanthus and Breadwinner Lolo.
I also a recovery audiophile (I love my Maggies).

caloso 06-22-17 03:01 PM

One of these days I'm going to have Steve Rex build me a custom bike.

andr0id 06-22-17 03:10 PM

I bought my first custom frame from Tom Kellogg around '95 so I was 34 then. I still have that frame and ride it, but it is limited due to narrow tires and steep geometry. It rides a bit harsh for chip/seal roads. I've currently got a 7800 Dura Ace group on it. Since it has very standard BB and other fittings, I have upgraded it a few times.

Mountain Mitch 06-22-17 04:52 PM

In my little mountain town I'd say that 30% of the young people have a mountain bike worth more (in some cases MUCH more) than their car. Us old timers mostly have very expensive mountain bike too (by which I mean $5,000-10,000; but we can afford better cars)....and a good road bike.....and a nice touring bike....and......

But custom bikes really haven't caught on. I think that is probably more prevalent in a region where road biking is the major cycling sport.

TiHabanero 06-22-17 05:14 PM

According to Specialized in 2007, they saw the market shifting to the 50 somethings years before and let their dealers know. That is the whole idea behind concept stores, appeal to those that have a solid disposable income. So, it is our 50+ group that buy these things. Yes, some youngns as well, but they don't buy all of the production.

If you want a solid ti frame, I recommend contacting Mark at $1000 bucks gets you in the door. $1600 for a total custom frame. Been riding one for 5 years and love it every time I'm on it.

wgscott 06-22-17 05:16 PM

My only regret was waiting until I was 50 before getting a custom steel bike.

donheff 06-23-17 06:25 AM

I could afford a high end sports car or a tricked out Harley but I went with a custom steel bike at age 66. Might as well put your money where you will enjoy it.

JagR 06-23-17 08:19 AM

As others have mentioned, I am not sure I understand the question but for what it is worth...

I am not 50+ but the title of the thread interested me. I am in my 30's and own a couple nice bikes that are +5k...a custom CF (Parlee) and a high end road/race bike (S Works). I tend to spend my $ on RE, cars and bikes. I think it all depends on the individual...some are successful and some inherited $ or parents buy. To get back to what I think the question was...I am not +50 but fall into the category you are describing. To each their own but it does seem that many on BF are image conscious and buy these things for other instead of them...make sense?

wgscott 06-23-17 08:48 AM

Originally Posted by RockiesDad (Post 19670493)
Personally, I would like a Ti gravel bike...

Mine is steel, but he also does titanium (for about $1K more). I will happily provide positive reviews if you are interested.

fietsbob 06-23-17 08:49 AM

DINK..write computer code/ software pulldown $200K + a year, and are just 25, there is some significant money for toys..

Oldguyonoldbike 06-23-17 08:50 AM

A friend of mine is general manager of a fairly big bike shop in downtown Oklahoma City. He tells me that on average they sell a couple of $10,000 bikes a week. One guy came in and bought two top of the line Cervelos, one to ride and the other to put on a trainer. I'm sure a lot of them get ridden -- by folks with quite a bit of disposable income. Some of them show up a year or two later on the local facebook garage sale page at half their original price, to the great satisfaction of riders with less disposable income. Personally, my finances wouldn't allow me to buy a bike in that price range. On the other hand, at age 55 I can and do spend more on bikes than I did when I was younger. It's all relative, and it's all good. And it keeps the bike shop in business.

ironwood 06-23-17 09:01 AM

I'm going to get a custom bike. After years of rehabbing old frames and components I've decided to get a new bike built exactly to my specifications. Furthermore my heirs at law are spendthrifts, so why should I leave them money they'd only waste?

John E 06-23-17 09:10 AM

For as long as I can remember, I have consistently been a saver, rather than a spender. I have always looked for value, which has often meant buying well-maintained used cars and bikes of above-average -- but neither top-of-the-line nor latest -- quality, and then keeping them as long as they served my needs. No material possession yields as much satisfaction as financial independence.

leob1 06-23-17 09:18 AM

Originally Posted by RockiesDad (Post 19670493)

Personally, I would like a Ti gravel bike...

So would I! But I just got a new to me sailboat that I will have to spend time and money on to get to my liking. And the Mrs. would probably explode if I start talking about a new bike.

Biker395 06-23-17 09:23 AM

Originally Posted by leob1 (Post 19672274)
So would I! But I just got a new to me sailboat that I will have to spend time and money on to get to my liking. And the Mrs. would probably explode if I start talking about a new bike.

I had a happy experience last week. We were walking back to the car after a church service, and chanced upon an open garage and a guy working on a bike on a bike stand. Since we were walking by, I stopped to chat.

This guy must have had 20+ bikes in this tiny garage. Every one of them in good shape, every one hung up on the wall. We had a long chat with he and his girlfriend about cycling and other stuff. At the end, I think my wife saw that the cult of N+1 could be a lot worse.

linberl 06-23-17 09:36 AM

It's a matter of priorities. Younger folks with disposable income are more likely to spend it on travel, cars, home purchases, etc. By the time you get 50+ you hopefully have paid off the home, done the majority of travel you wanted, and have gotten over the need for a fancy new car every year. You've got a much better idea of what really makes you happy - and you have the means to indulge it without so many competing you sense your mortality more, you are ready to indulge before time runs out. That's also why you see so many old guys driving fast 2 seat sports cars. If not now, when?

wgscott 06-23-17 09:51 AM

Originally Posted by linberl (Post 19672320)
By the time you get 50+ you hopefully have paid off the home



Originally Posted by linberl (Post 19672320)
Location: SF Bay Area


RockiesDad 06-23-17 10:24 AM

Thanks for all the replies. There was really no point to my question just that I was wondering who buys these type of bikes...

Originally Posted by wgscott (Post 19671169)
My only regret was waiting until I was 50 before getting a custom steel bike.

Need to give this a bit more thought... :-)

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