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new2olbikes 01-07-19 10:22 AM

Hello & a Happy New year.. am I too late for the party?
I've visited a few times while searching bike info and thought it was time to join the crowd. By no measure am I an expert at bike knowledge or repairs. I like all things Made In USA and and have recently re-birthed my bicycle interests. I'm fairly handy w/ a wrench and like to fix things up a bit. So my plan is to listen and learn, get some bikes, ride some bikes and get a hobby I can meander in. My thanks to the "people" who made the site possible and letting me join. Joe from Juhryzee but my heart is still in Flatbush..

bike_tom 01-07-19 02:23 PM

Welcome from another newbie. I know where Flatbush is, but not Juhryzee. And Google maps is no help!

StanSeven 01-07-19 04:54 PM

Welcome. This is definately the place to learn about mechanics. Experts abound!

amberdaisy 01-07-19 04:55 PM

Welcome from another newbie!

Dannihilator 01-07-19 09:05 PM

Welcome to the forums.

Trsnrtr 01-08-19 06:50 AM

Welcome. The more the merrier around here!

LAJ 01-08-19 04:18 PM

Happy New Year, and welcome to Bike Forums!

bike_tom 01-09-19 08:52 PM

Duh, I just got it. Juhryzee shauw indeed!

new2olbikes 01-13-19 06:57 PM

Originally Posted by bike_tom (Post 20740531)
Duh, I just got it. Juhryzee shauw indeed!

Yo man! Fuhgeddaboudit... I'm glad you enjoyed the parody, :)

Thank you to all for the nice welcome.

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