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UKFan4Sure 03-24-20 10:52 AM

So I Get a Phone Call....
And this buddy of mine says his brother was thinking about me and had some "bike parts" he was bringing over to his house. He wanted me to take a look and see if I wanted any of it. Well.... yeah. So just got back. It looks like junk, but I see a nice Mavic MA40, a nice Weinman and several decent freewheels. I'll have to rummage through it all. Not bad for a "come and get it".

xiaoman1 03-24-20 11:35 AM

One Mans Junk another's treasure....nice score.

Insidious C. 03-24-20 12:28 PM

Sounds like a good deal- you haul the scrap away and get a few usable parts in return. I had a similar uo18 frame and was able to find someone (another BF member) locally to take it for free. I hate scrapping bikes but sometimes you have to do it.

bikemike73 03-24-20 01:08 PM

Love it when parts are recycled as well as bikes !!!

Thank you for saving these from the scrap heap !!!!

Kdogbikes 03-24-20 01:10 PM

Pretty cool stem and possible mafac brake?

UKFan4Sure 03-24-20 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by Kdogbikes (Post 21381826)
Pretty cool stem and possible mafac brake?

Yep, they are Mafac, infac....

I laughed at my friend's brother... He called it a Pew-got frame.

RiddleOfSteel 03-24-20 04:37 PM

Nice score! The only time I horribly mispronounce Peugeot is when remembering to spell it correctly. So in my head I say "pee-you-gee-ott." Works every time. :lol:

3speedslow 03-24-20 07:30 PM

That Pug has potential!

Lascauxcaveman 03-24-20 11:34 PM

"Poo-Joe" I thought everybody knew that. You can trust me, I speak French :rolleyes:

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