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stmalk 04-15-19 07:53 AM

Blix Vika+ Rear Wheel Clicking Noises

I own a Blix Vika+ folding ebike for around 2 months now and at this point a major issue occured with it and I'm lost to be frank.

When I pedal or just cruise without pedaling, rear wheel makes annoying clicking noise, almost at every spin. I attach a video, and since then this issue only intensified, now it's basically every spin. When I spin the wheel without load though, there is no noise at all. It is for sure not related to pedals or drivetrain as it happens when I just sit on a bike and roll, not even touching pedals.

Here is the funny part - I contacted Blix and they directed me to their local dealer. After holding a bike there for 2 weeks, a dealer stated they were unable to recreate the issue and a bike is perfectly normal. Even though they saw a video I sent them. I'm not even sure what to do at this point. I have a feeling the issue is either a loose spoke (which I couldn't locate) or something broke inside the engine, maybe bearing inside the wheel itself? Nothing looks lose or wobbly much when I inspected it, so again, I'm pretty lost at this point and don't even know if it's safe to ride.

Anyway, maybe you could hint what is wrong with the bike?

Noises start at 0:52 on this video:

And here is a video where I check the wheel, spin it without load and inspect all parts around it:

Thank you in advance.

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