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Jarrett2 03-03-18 04:23 PM

Are there any companies selling a Steel 1x model?
I let my friend ride one of my steel 1x bikes today and now she's considering one. They can be pricey to build up, I wondered if there were any companies selling a steel 1x model at this point?

Steel 1x meaning steel frame, preferable steel fork with a (SRAM) 1x drivetrain on it?

I know Fairdale makes (or used to make) the Weekender Drop (that's what got me started into Steel 1x's) but wondering if there were others at this point?

Sy Reene 03-03-18 04:31 PM

Dean V 03-03-18 05:18 PM

Bombtrack, Specialized Sequoia.

tangerineowl 03-03-18 05:22 PM

Robinson Rival 1x | The Light Blue Sport

UK bike

WhyFi 03-03-18 05:27 PM

This sounds like it'd be up All-City's alley.

Edit: yup - Macho Man. Disc, though - not sure if you were looking for rim brakes, but this looks to be their only SRAM 1x with a steel fork.

Dean V 03-03-18 06:48 PM

More specifics would help. Road bike, adventure, commuter, disc brake or rim etc.

Wspsux 03-03-18 07:01 PM

Came in to say All City

Jarrett2 03-04-18 06:56 AM

Cool, thanks for the info.

shelbyfv 03-04-18 06:22 PM

Raleigh Tamland 2 Carbon fork, but 631 and SRAM 1X.

dunrobin 03-04-18 06:43 PM

Sram apex 1x derailleur and you can use you're old sram 10 speed gearshifter with 10 speed stuff to try...convert to 11speed with new shifter and 11speed cassette. Sram 10 and 11 speed rear derailleurs are compatible with both.

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