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Jstadlas 08-17-19 09:59 PM

Biking from the Philippines
Hi A ll,

new member here but been biking for so long as i can remember. started off with Racer bikes (thats what i call it on not some distant past) for maybe 15 years,
did mountain biking for roughly 6 years, quit bike for 5 years.. rode folding bike again for for at least a year with 3 months mountain biking on the coast of vietnam
and planning to build a mountain bike to pass the time.

be sure that i will be asking a lot of questions as i bike on my folding bike and building a mountain bike.


Siu Blue Wind 08-17-19 10:41 PM

Hello and welcome! We do have many areas here you may be interested in. Road, mountain biking and folders!

cb400bill 08-20-19 06:33 PM


eldupes 08-24-19 07:18 PM

You come from a stunningly beautiful country!

pehuang 08-25-19 06:18 AM

Hello and welcome! :-D

bimmerdre 08-27-19 03:36 PM

Hi, greetings from NYC

Lab4Us 08-27-19 05:48 PM

Welcome from West Texas!

slothead 08-31-19 07:50 PM

That’s gonna be a really humid ride! LOL

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