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Jewel 08-25-19 05:19 PM

Hi from Bend, OR
Last time I visited was in November 2016!! Can't believe it. Have thought about this forum a lot and have been off and on my bike since then. Went through some hard personal times and really felt I lost myself. Before, I was bicycling daily and immersed in the bike "culture." Just saw the new showing of Motherload on Thursday while sitting on the grass under the open skies... almost didn't go due to upteen excuses. So glad I did. Something clicked in me and I was sitting wide-eyed and laughing and really connected to nature and bicycling... next day, I wiped off the cobwebs (no exaggeration) from my bicycle, hopped on and rode to work. It was freeing. Actually feel pretty emotional just thinking about it. Anyway, long intro, but wanted to say hey. Going to try to reconnect here as I reconnect with myself and my bicycle.

StanSeven 08-25-19 05:45 PM

Welcome back. Nothing is as therapeutic as cycling. Makes you forgot worries and you go back to 6 yo again.

Siu Blue Wind 08-25-19 09:43 PM

Wow, Beautiful Intro Jewel. Glad to hear you are back on the bike and things are better for you now. <3

bimmerdre 08-27-19 03:35 PM

Hi, greetings from NYC

Lab4Us 08-27-19 05:49 PM

Salutations from West Texas!

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