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Lab4Us 08-26-19 02:42 PM

Greetings from West Texas (where it is currently 105!)
Hi All,

So Iím 61 and wife turned 60 last Friday, fortunate enough to be fully retired. She hasnít ridden since the early 80s, me since about 1974-5. Neither of us as hobbyists, just a kid riding a bike for me, her riding a mile or so to work or with our oldest daughter (when we had only one). Surprise, she wanted a bike for her birthday! She let me know about a week ago, so I had time to do a bit of research.

We knew we didnít want big box store bikes so after a few hours of google research, I was pretty much taken with the Trek Dual Sport 3, as was she, though neither of us were set set in stone on our decision. I went that way since most of my bike riding days as a kid consisted of lots of ramps/jumps/crashes, etc., so figured Iíd end up off road eventually, but not a lot. She liked the ďpurple colorĒ of the DS3 womenís model!

Last Friday we made our way to a local bike shop (shout out to Bike Town) near us and were fortunate enough to be there when staff had time to answer lots of questions. In the end, the wife ended up with a cobalt blue Townie and me with a DS3 in Volt. Both had to be ordered so we donít actually have them. Mine should be here the end of this week, hers the end of the following week. Also added helmets, water bottle cages, and seat packs. Figured that was a good start - though I doubt Iíll ever crash as hard, or as many times, as an adult as I did as a kid - lots of times sans helmet (not even sure there was such a thing way back then)!

Really looking forward to getting out on a bike again. Almost feel like a kid at Christmas waiting on a new bike lol. Except this time I know itís coming for sure. Am in relatively good health (walk/run a couple 60 pound dogs 2-3 miles a day, individually) with a few unexpected emergent heart stents (last in 2013, first 2 in 2010). Also very much looking forward to picking lots of brains here about equipment, upgrades, brand questions, etc.

And is it bad that Iím already window shopping full suspension mountain bikes?

texbiker 08-26-19 04:07 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums from a hot Houston as well. Glad to see you picking up the two bikes and riding. Be sure to tell us about your adventures.

Trsnrtr 08-26-19 04:55 PM

Welcome and have fun with your new endeavor.

xiaoman1 09-20-19 05:17 PM

Greetings...if it's 105 it sounds like its time for a "Lone Star".....Welcome and get at that long neck!

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