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ZeroG 11-10-19 03:40 AM

OT: Books?
I know it's a bit off topic, but do any of you have any recommendations regarding books and track riding/racing? It can been training books, nutrition, biographies, fiction, etc., just curious if anyone is reading anything helpful or entertaining? Thanks.

carleton 11-10-19 02:53 PM

“Heroes, Villains, and Velodromes” is about Team GB’s rise to prominence leading up to the 2008 Olympics. A lot of focus on Hoy, but not entirely about him.

700wheel 11-10-19 05:51 PM

No Brakes! Bicycle Track Racing in the United States - Sandra Wright Sutherland - Iris Press – 1995 –

ISBN 0-9645243-0-9.

Light reading about track racing in the 1990s with lots of photos. Something for everyone.

My Hour – Bradley Wiggins – Penguin – 2015 – ISBN 9780224100465.

Includes attempts by other riders – photos – some tech details – timeline (P92)

The Hour, Sporting Immortality the hard way – Michael Hutchinson – Yellow Jersey Press – 2007 – ISBN 9780224075209

Enjoyable and fast read.

The Flying Scotsman – Graham Obree .

Good read about Obree’s life and hour attempt. There is a movie of the book but it takes some liberties (I’ve heard but not surprised).

Cycling Anatomy, Your illustrated guide for cycling strength, speed, and endurance – Shannon Sovndal – Human Kinetics – 2009 – ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-7587-9.

All about muscles and how to exercise them – the exercises I do from the book are working for me. No coverage of exercises on an indoor trainer bike.

Renold Chains, A history of the company and the rise of the precision chain industry 1879-1955 – Basil H. Tripp – George Allen & Unwin Ltd. – 1956.

As an engineer and cyclist I found this history book very interesting. Renold chains were used by most European track cyclists into the 1990s. My UK club had a barrel of Renold chains and members just chopped off what they needed.

pierrej 11-10-19 06:45 PM

I liked 'Wheels of Steele'
Track and road

Dalai 11-11-19 05:22 AM

Aerodynamics of track cycling. L Underwood 2012 - thesis 298 pages

EnzoRWD 11-11-19 02:26 PM

Not at all related to track cycling - but The Dancing Chain is my favorite book about cycling. It's the history of the derailleur (and the bicycle in general). Great read, great visuals.

SpinClassSara 11-11-19 03:41 PM

I have a ton of books I want to read about cycling, that aren't available in the US from the library. Sigh ..................

carleton 11-11-19 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by SpinClassSara (Post 21204580)
I have a ton of books I want to read about cycling, that aren't available in the US from the library. Sigh ..................

There is a book that's not related to cycling but written by Team GB's Sports Psycologist Dr. Steve Peters. Jamie Staff (G.B. Team Sprint Olympic gold and U.S.A. Olympic Sprint coach) recommended it. It's called "The Chimp Paradox". It's a great read for personal development.

He was the guy who helped Victoria Pendleton overcome a lot of the self-doubt she had while battling to stay at the top of the game. The battles she and Anna Meares had were amazing.

Anyway, it intially wasn't available for sale in the US (print or digital). I temporarily changed my shipping address to a random place in the UK then bought a digital copy of the book then removed that shipping address. It worked.

I did fudge the system, but it wasn't to get the book for free. I wanted to pay. But I guess, at the time, the book wasn't ready for sale in the USA.


Here are the editorial reviews on the Amazon product page:

“Thank you, Steve Peters, for opening my eyes on how to approach my worries and fears…”
—Bradley Wiggins, Winner of Tour de France 2012
“[The Chimp Paradox is] the mind program that helped me win my Olympic Golds.”
—Sir Chris Hoy, six-time Olympic champion

“Steve Peters is the most important person in my career.”
—Victoria Pendleton, Olympic Gold Medal-winning cyclist

SpinClassSara 11-12-19 10:05 AM

I want to read that - thanks!!!

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