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VS3 04-17-20 11:52 AM

Hello from the Colorado West Slope
Moved from Florida and brought my 2018 Trek Verve2, 2018 Aventon Cordoba in Polish, and 2018 State Bicycle Pardi Boi.

Bought all 3 within 3 months of each other. I forgot, for 30yrs, how fun it is to ride a bike everywhere.

I recently purchased a Medici Pro Strada on CL for $200. Rides very nice, but I am trying to figure out if it's worth restoring with some original parts. Seatpost, stem, brake calipers, crankset and rims are not original.

Merest 04-17-20 09:26 PM

Welcome :)

Bigbus 04-17-20 09:31 PM

Welcome :)

Trsnrtr 04-18-20 07:29 AM

My vote on restoring the Medici is YES. :)

VS3 04-18-20 08:46 AM

Thank you the welcome, and the yes vote on restoring the Medici. Here's a shot of it. There's pics of the whole bike in the forum - Classic and Vintage Bicycles: What's It Worth

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