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burnthesheep 05-16-20 12:46 PM

Cooling best practices
Looking for optimizations people have to stay cool riding indoors.

I have a blower fan. I have tried both normal race jerseys for wicking sweat for evaporative cooling and no jersey.

I want to try some more stuff. Just doing intervals I still heat up a lot. I feel like something like 2 or 3x20min might be near impossible with heatup.

I have considered buying a cooling vest like construction workers wear. Or putting ice packs in a thin cloth in my jersey pockets. Also have considered routing a hose tube setup from the blower outlet to zip up to my jersey front.

Whatcha got?

SlvrDragon50 05-16-20 07:13 PM

Maybe a misting fan? What kind of blower fan do you have? I'm using a box fan which is working pretty well for me. I sweat an absolute ton, and my apartment is probably around 78*F, but the fan works well.

clasher 05-16-20 11:54 PM

You could try a dehumidifier or even an a portable a-c? My setup is in my loft so it gets hot in the summer so I will try a window a-c but will likely just end up riding outside.

Sy Reene 05-17-20 08:23 AM

No worries.. Rapha has you covered :rolleyes:

On a more serious note.. I typically just wear a sleeveless or short-sleeve mesh baselayer.

jpescatore 05-18-20 04:05 AM

My indoor trainer set up is in the basement, so it is naturally cooler than the house temperatures upstairs. A $20 tlltable 16" floor fan has more than enough air movement to keep me cool - I still sweat up my clothes, but not pooling sweat on the floor at all. And I sweat pretty heavily.

Is your fan big enough/close enough? On some of these YouTube videos I see people using 6" fans 10 feet away - that wouldn't do it for me.

Someone else mentioned a dehumidifier: 2 years ago I had my hot water heater in the basement replaced with an energy saving unit that actually incorporates a heat pump for one of the heating elements. That ends up essentially "air conditioning" the basement, both lowering the temperature but more importantly lowering the humidity. After that went in, I found I could lower the fan speed from high to medium, I think mostly because of the noticeably drier air in the basement. A duhumidifier might be worth a try.

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