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cashmonee 05-30-12 06:13 PM

Ergon grips with bar ends on a Trek 7.x FX?
I have a 7.4 FX and was wondering if Ergon grips with bar ends would work with the Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone bar that comes on the FX. Anyone have experience with this? Also, rubber or cork?

no1mad 05-30-12 09:14 PM

I could be wrong, or they fixed the design since so many people voiced their displeasure, but you can't (or couldn't) do what you propose. There is even a thread around here about how that IsoZone bar and the incompatibility with Ergons/bar ends.

no1mad 05-30-12 09:27 PM

Okay, found that thread-

scaryseth 05-31-12 12:25 AM

There is another more recent thread on this same subject and I just did this myself. There is also a pic in that thread of my new bar setup.

After about 2 weeks of use, much happier with this bar setup. The old iso grips were probably just a tad more comfortable. But having a little wider bar and the bar ends far outweigh it.

fietsbob 05-31-12 07:54 AM

Ergon GR 2,3,4,&5, now include bar ends of varying lengthhs , integrated in design.
2 the shortest, end, 5 the longest.

Using cork composite costs you , the flat shape is what makes them comfortable,
in either finish color.

Molding was developed first in black/grey.. wider version selection in that

though if you are an obsessive 'tweed bag matcher'
with a honey colored Brooks saddle..
well you do as you must.compulsions being what they are.. :wink:

Bars have to be 22.2, ..7/8" OD where the grip fits.

jimbojonez 05-31-12 10:40 AM

I have a blog post on replacing the handlebars on a Trek 7.5FX that may be of interest

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