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Seattle Forrest 09-30-20 09:15 PM

You've got to see tonight's fiery sunset

That's not a Photoshop trick. Layers of smoke and a telephoto lens.

79pmooney 09-30-20 10:36 PM

I got up at 5:30 this morning because I could not sleep once I was back in the all too familiar smell of wood smoke. Been away just long enough to have lost my acceptance of it. Once I smelled it, it could feel it on my skin. Thankfully, once the day arrived, the air outside improved a lot.

Didn't see the sunset yesterday but I bet there as a slightly lesser but similar show. (Rode 50 miles just to get it in while I can. Got home at 6:30 but I was riding east with the sun at my back.)

Seattle, photoshop? We've seen so much of that the image is getting old. (Being able to look directly at the sun at high noon - just not right.)

Jseis 09-30-20 11:10 PM

My sunset was a little weirder.

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