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downhillmaster 03-02-19 03:21 AM

Originally Posted by Digital_Cowboy (Post 20818554)
And what happens when the person that is the subject of your "frontier justice" turns out to be totally innocent? You are aware that sadly the legal system far too often convicts innocent people of crimes that they did NOT commit, and even worse have been convicted of crimes that NEVER happened in the first place.

We have the Constitution for a reason, and that reason is to protect the RIGHTS of EVERYONE. The ACCUSED as well as the INNOCENT.

I donít know whatís worse.
Our broken legal system or your ridiculous use of boldface caps :rolleyes:

Leisesturm 03-02-19 04:14 PM

Lets face it. Crimes like this are RARE. But if we look the other way and allow these lapses of civil judgement to stand we will see the trend in over the top responses to human interactions rise even more. Isn't the legal system biased enough as it is? It is not a good precedent.

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