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billnuke1 03-25-20 06:57 PM

Hats! Lids! Iíve been collecting/accumulating hats forever...most of these I got in the Nuke business...gotta go through them now that I can almost get to them...I can see the ladder that Iíll need to get to the hats...progress! Garage cleaning
Great bunch of hats that I canít wear in public...they made us turn certain t-shirts inside out if we wanted to wear them, too...good times...
is coming along great!

Hondo Gravel 03-25-20 09:06 PM

Put all my stink caps in a trash bag to be washed in the utility sink with laundry detergent. Many sweaty hot months are coming.

billnuke1 03-26-20 02:05 AM

These are mostly unworn, mostly were acquired for display. Most of these were presented after a successful evolution in a power plant, we passed around trinkets ourselves, jackets, shirts, hats, coffee mugs, pens, etc.
Also some were passed out to the Department head people we my be working with at the always came bearing gifts...

genec 03-26-20 05:40 AM

I'm trying to figure out a decent easy way to diplay, yet keep access to my various lids. I've collected lids from all over... some from great little micro brews, some just from unusual sites, such as the Farragut sound testing site in Idaho... I just got a couple new ones from NASA.

Yeah, I wear them from time to time... largly for practical reasons... the lids I got in Hawaii were to protect my head... and indeed have sweat stains... but hell, I earned that.

I like the OP idea of a horizontal rack... maybe suspened low enough able to grab a hat now and then.

billnuke1 03-26-20 08:55 AM

I do wear the hats that didn’t make to the “display area...”but only in the shop...too many memories, irreplaceable...

TakingMyTime 03-26-20 12:14 PM

I've never been a collector. But, I do buy a new one each year somewhere while we're on vacation. It gets worn often and is usually ready for replacement by the time we head out on our next vacation. I just throw them out.

TankSlapper 03-26-20 01:39 PM

I have collected a few.... A couple that are cycling related:

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