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spectastic 03-29-20 12:13 AM

How do you stay productive during weekends?
more of a life question than a cycling question.. when I was racing, like most, i had to do long weekend rides. when i came back, big meal always followed, and i get absolutely nothing done for the rest of the day. curious how others have managed this. drink coffee? take a nap? ride in the pm? i'd like to start getting back in shape again, but don't want to compromise productivity

wktmeow 03-29-20 08:09 AM

Heavy dose of guilt usually gets me moving again. And coffee.

gsteinb 03-29-20 08:24 AM

premise is wrong. volume is overrated

plus - but there was a great article by a female entrepreneur about how everything flowed from getting the workout in

TMonk 03-29-20 09:09 AM

It sort of depends on how fatigued you are as well. When I'm in shape, doing 3-4 hours of z2 shouldn't ruin the rest of my day, if I'm well fueled and rested. But doing 6+, yeah, I can typically count on being brain dead.

It also kind of depends on what types of things that you wanted to do with the rest of your day. Doing things like laundry, cooking dinner and straightening up the place are easy, important (essential) and don't require too much energy IMO. Neither should socializing or spending time with friends.

Studying for something? Working? Practicing a difficult classical piece on the piano? Yeah, maybe I'd do that before the ride, or on the other weekend day.

TMonk 03-29-20 09:10 AM

On that note, I'm preparing for a technical call I'll have tomorrow at 7 AM so I don't have to do it after a longer ride later. Should take 60-90 min depending on how much time I spend here or on FB.

Russ Roth 03-29-20 10:31 AM

I have a wife with a honeydo list, if I start getting too lethargic after she starts getting more pushy. Biggest wakeup I've found so far is to go out for 3hr before lunch, get back and eat lunch with the fam and then we all head out for a 10mi ride; the kids aren't that fast only averaging 10-12mph wind dependent and the lighter ride is good for waking me up and getting me reenergized. So I can function from 2 till crash time around 9.

TheKillerPenguin 03-29-20 12:33 PM

I will sometimes work before riding. It becomes easier this time of year as the days are getting longer.

You also don't have to go out and crush a 5hr ride, you can coffee shop pace it and get 95% of the benefits at a third the fatigue.

topflightpro 03-30-20 07:39 AM

Well, it's starting to get hot here, which means getting up early and riding earlier. There was a recent discussion on the local listserv about how appropriate is it to be stopping at gas stations for bottle refills and food right now.

Anyway, I've been filling my afternoons with chores around the house. This weekend, I mowed the yard, cleaned up the garage (I train in there, so I pulled out the shop vac to clean up all the dead bugs, cobwebs, dust, and dirt...) and vacuumed and cleaned the inside of my car.

Next weekend, I think I am going to have a load of mulch delivered that I can put out in the yard. It's been about 2 years since I last did mulch and it shows.

I also finally got a Roku to hook up Netflix on my TV, so I ran through the Tiger King. Up next is the Movistar doc.

cmh 03-30-20 08:18 AM

I typically have a long hard ride on only one of the two weekend days (maybe 2200-3000 kJ, so not long by some peoples standards). After the ride I eat, shower, eat, nap, eat some more and at that point I can be somewhat productive. The day I don't ride hard is for doing something with the significant other (hike, xc-ski) and/or being productive around the house.

gerundium 03-30-20 09:57 AM

When i am really building the fitness the hard weekend rides kill me. When i am already in shape and not trying to really up the volume or intensity i can be quite productive after the rides. I don't remember if i read it here or somewhere else but something about being able to do the laundry after the hard weekend ride signals i am coming into form. i thought that was quaint.

furiousferret 03-31-20 11:59 AM

During peak season (Summer), nothing gets done. Its not just cycling, its 90-110 outside and the ground is rock solid (so no yard work).

procrit 04-05-20 07:01 PM

I pretty much get laundry going, turn on the roomba, eat lunch, then take a nap. At least things are happening while Iím asleep!

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