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mayacakmak 01-19-19 11:50 AM

Any Taga 2.0 owners out there?

I have a second hand Taga 2.0. I had it assembled and serviced at a local bike shop. I rode in it 2-3 times and had a serious safety issue several times during all my rides. Basically the front wheels *suddenly turned all the way left/right* when going *down/up a slope* (e.g. when climbing onto a sidewalk through the curb cut). This is extremely dangerous: one time I found myself suddenly going down a steep road while I was only trying to cross parallel to it; another time turned straight onto the car road while doing up a curb cut on a bike trail). I keep seeing videos of people riding their Taga 2.0 in traffic with their child in it so they can't possibly be having this problem.

So any ideas on what might need fixing/adjusting on my bike?

Many thanks!

cabledawg 01-22-19 06:55 PM

So it's doing this while the handlebars stay straight ahead? If so, then I'd check the clamps at the base of the handlebars to ensure they are tight. Since I dont own one or have one available for closer inspection, I have to assume this is your problem.

mayacakmak 01-27-19 07:10 PM

No that's not it; the clamps are tight. When the wheels suddenly turn I loose control of the handles even though I'm holding them straight pretty tightly.

Thanks for checking!

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