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Hapsmo911 11-17-18 10:45 AM

Guru track bike?
So I am looking for a used track bike to get me going and ran across this...

Cant find any info on the frame geometry. Anyone know anything about these bikes?

taras0000 11-17-18 09:59 PM

If it's a custom build then message the seller about the geometry. Guru did a lot of custom work back in the day. Great bikes.

Hapsmo911 11-17-18 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by taras0000 (Post 20667696)
If it's a custom build then message the seller about the geometry. Guru did a lot of custom work back in the day. Great bikes.

Yeah I sent him an email, he has no clue, second owner

taras0000 11-18-18 01:23 AM

Unfortunately, if it's custom, then the only way to find out is to physically measure the frame. It's hard to tell in photos, but that frame looks quite tall vs long for its relative size.

carleton 11-18-18 02:19 AM

Bikes are like shoes, it doesn't matter the manufacturer, how nice they are, how rare they are, what materials, etc...if they don't fit, you are gonna have a bad time.

Bikes come in 1 centimeter increments for a reason.
- 1cm is barely noticeable (like a half size difference in shoes).
- 2cm is somewhat noticeable (like a full size difference in shoes)
- 3cm is very noticeable (like 1.5 size differences in shoes)

If it's a smoking deal and you really want to make a good decision here, you are simply gonna have to meet up and take your measuring tape. Also be prepared to walk away if the measurements aren't what you require.

This looks like a "tall" bike with a longer than normal head tube for race bikes. If you are planning on using modern short/shallow bars but want a really aggressive position, you are gonna have hard time getting those bars low enough. That steerer looks to be about 16cm long (just eyeballing). Plenty comfortable, but not aggressively aero.

For what it's worth, it looks like the fork is an Alpina F04 fork which should have a 30mm offset. It comes on a lot of Dolan bikes as well as Mr. Tiemeyer used to use them. Great fork. Same dimensions as what's on the Dolan DF3 and DF4 except those used the Wing Pista fork that used a carbon steerer instead of the F04's alu steerer. The alu F04 steerer is considered to be less likely to break, but theavier.

I chose that fork for my custom bike.

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