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CTony 08-01-19 09:30 PM

Stella Information
New project 50th Anniversary Tour de France model.Campagnolo front and rear derailleurs with Campagnolo tubular hubs and mavic rims. Does this model hold any value?besides builder/fixer and then seller remorse.Thoughts? Also I attempted to download pictures.but,flag said I most have at lest ten post

3alarmer 08-01-19 09:55 PM

...the best Stella bikes are some of the better French imports. Nothing classic seems to hold much value these days, but if it fits you and you want to ride it, I've had two and they both rode nicely. I still have one of them. Post photos when you can.

Andy_K 08-02-19 12:18 AM

When you say "50th Anniversary Tour de France model" are you talking about the decal on the downtube that looks like this?

I think many models had that, along with the seat tube decals it celebrates the accomplishments of Louison Bobet who was sponsored by Stella in the 50's.

Anyway, it's a cool brand with an interesting history...connections to the founding of Trek and (very indirectly) the Atari 2600. You don't see many of them, so value will fluctuate wildly depending on the buyer. There's not really strong demand for them the way there is for a brand like Colnago or Cinelli, but that doesn't mean they weren't great bikes.

My 1970-something Stella SX-76 is my favorite bike right now. I've sunk a bunch of money into restoring it, and couldn't possibly sell it for anything near what I've spent on it. But if I did, I would most certainly have seller's remorse.

In the 70's the SX-73 and SX-76 were made with metric sized Columbus tubing, which is quite an oddity in itself. Some of the other models were built with Durifort tubes, which I think are still pretty decent. I haven't really heard anything about any really low end Stellas. Apparently even the ones that were rebranded and sold by American snowmobile company Arctic Cat were pretty nice.

Here's a pic (from a recent gathering of vintage bike lovers) of my Stella next to another one from the same period that's in more original condition.

One more because I love these bikes. :D

Hudson308 08-02-19 06:21 AM

Yes, they're really nice bikes that don't seem to command big money. Here's a previous thread on them.

due ruote 08-02-19 11:28 AM

I can’t tell if you are asking about value for resale, or if your intent is just to refurb and ride. As mentioned, the vintage bike market is very soft right now, so I wouldn’t put much into a flip.
I have an SX-73 (Durifort tubing) set up as a fixed gear. It rides great.

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