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spinconn 11-22-19 08:02 AM

MTB Shorts v. Shorts Liner
As a former roadie I have been using my Lycra bibs for all my riding but would like to get some more normal looking shorts. I wear my shorts next to skin so I wash them after every ride and it seems to me it might be more efficient to get liners and wear them with regular, non biking shorts and just wash the liner every time, rather than getting MTB shorts and washing them so much. Never having tried them I am just guessing.

What are the pros and cons of using MTB shorts vs. MTB liner with regular shorts?

PickleRick 11-22-19 08:45 AM

For mountain biking, I use Pearl Izumi Men's Liner Shorts and then buy cheapo cargo shorts from Target or WallyWorld or TJ Maxx. This has been the perfect solution for me.

I like this system so much that I even started using the liners and cargo shorts on my road and gravel bike rides.
I am a firm believer that one can never have too many pockets for storing snacks, spare tubes etc. .....and cargo shorts are perfect for carrying, well, cargo.:)

I do have two or three pairs of (expensive) mountain bike specific shorts....but they are sitting on the floor of my closet collecting dust. I have found they generally have too few pockets and are usually far too baggy for my needs.

qclabrat 11-22-19 09:24 AM

don't over think it, use your cheaper road shorts as a liner. Chamois quality less important IMO for mtb. I actually don't like cargo shorts as they are typically too thick and bulky. Though I've found lightweight hiking/fishing shorts fit better for me when riding. Regular cargo shorts tend to larger leg "holes" which get in the way or maybe it's just my stick legs.... Like PickleRick mentioned, I'm never buying any other pair of mtb shorts with the built in liners.

jrhoneOC 11-22-19 09:06 PM

I got some Baleaf shorts on Amazon

I use those under cargo shorts or when its colder under Adidas sweats/tights. I like the pockets on the cargo pants and the Adidas pants have zippered pockets.

I like this combo so much I am thinking of getting a bib by the same company. I have used it alot and washed them alot and they are still holding up very well.

spinconn 11-22-19 09:49 PM

Thank you guys, that's what I needed to know.

pickettt 11-23-19 07:05 AM

I donít like regular shorts getting snagged on the saddle.

bikeme 11-24-19 12:04 PM

When I'm not racing or training in a spandex race kit, I like baggies from Troy Lee Designs. They sell them with a liner or as a shell. I bought just the shell only and wear lycra shorts or bibs under. I like the former for mtb just out of convenience and while my bibs are more comfy, my mtb rides aren't as long as my road ones. I have 4 pairs of lycra shorts and wash each after every ride, but don't bother washing the shell unless it was a super dirty ride, just washing it after 2-3 rides. TLD and other brands of dedicated mtb baggies are cut differently than street shorts so they don't catch the saddle as you move around.

roadbuzz 11-24-19 08:41 PM

I like Zoic shorts and liners, but road shorts or bibs work fine as liners. I like the outer shorts for pockets and protection from briars, etc. The nylon is light and dries well, however their nylon zippers don't hold up well. FWIW, the purpose built liners are thinner and a bit cooler, because they aren't designed as outerware. $0.02.

rumrunn6 11-25-19 01:57 PM

fwiw - I use thin lined tri-shorts under, unlined, Zoic MTB shorts. I would not call them "baggy" but I guess they are. I only wash the trishorts

DeadGrandpa 11-27-19 07:21 PM

I ride with regular road shorts sometimes, and regular mtb shorts other times. And I ride with compression wicking underwear under whatever fast drying shorts (Columbia zip off PFGs, or virtually any other shorts. Padding is superfluous.

Wileyrat 12-22-19 07:39 PM

I ride in my worn out road shorts with a pair of gym shorts over them.

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