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Roadie64 01-28-19 12:30 PM

New Member From Columbia MO
I am hooked again on riding. I was riding alot in my mid 20s and just started again last year (now mid 50s). I was very happy to ride over 2500 miles last year and I did not start until April. I am looking forward to really racking up the miles this year and hopefully I'll get a true road bike.

Now that I have been riding enough to understand what I want and why I would benefit from it I can say that my low end Hybrid has served me well. But I really want a decent road bike and really crank up those miles.

Have great year!

Columbia MO

Dannihilator 01-28-19 12:40 PM

Welcome to the forums.

badweather 01-28-19 01:22 PM

Hi Eric,

Welcome to our community!

BillyD 01-29-19 12:26 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

delbiker1 01-29-19 01:01 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. I am 6 miles west of Bethany Beach. I love riding my bicycles.

LAJ 01-29-19 01:26 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Roadie64!

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