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bikecommuter13 02-11-19 10:31 PM

Bicycle seats for 8 year old?
Are there any bicycle seats for 8 year old kids? 60 lbs.

daoswald 02-11-19 10:44 PM

I kind of doubt you would find a seat that is made to handle that kind of weight. And it's a pretty niche market; many kids that age can do ten to twelve miles on a kids bike with gears.

However, I wouldn't be surprised to find that one of those third-wheel bike attachments could hold someone at age eight, and even ten. These devices attach to the seat post with some sort of gooseneck, and then have a wheel in the back, a seat, pedals, and fixed position handlebars. They're the closest thing to a tandom I've seen, without being a single frame.

When the child gets into early teens, a tandom may be practical.

bikecommuter13 02-11-19 11:37 PM

How about these two items combined? I wonder if anyone has tried this set up:

mel2012 02-15-19 06:28 PM

There are several options

The Bobike junior doesn't require a rack. For the others, I would recommend something from an established brand like Tubus or Topeak and Racktime. I wouldn't trust that one from Amazon.

lorenzo_de_leon 03-25-19 08:04 PM

mel2012 mentioned the Bobike Junior - it's a great seat for my 6 year old (small for his age at 40lbs) and is rated up to 70 lbs. Installation is fairly straightforward and it doubles as a flat cargo rack when not in use by the kiddo.

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