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dieselgoat 07-27-19 03:45 PM

Garmin Edge 500 is losing my rides
Let's say I ride 40 miles and stop for lunch. I have always pressed the pause button (top right) and then powered it off (top left button). Upon returning, I power it back on and my data from the 40 miles is still there. This has always been the case. Lately, when I power it back on, it will say "working..." for a few minutes. When it finally comes back on, the data fields are empty and my 40 miles has vanished. If you want to stop during a ride for lunch (or whatever), but you want to continue your ride and have it all as one ride, how do you do this?

Nachoman 07-28-19 07:59 AM

I have the 500 also and whenever it acts up I delete all the files from the 'activities folder, which seems to solve most problems.

dieselgoat 07-28-19 07:06 PM

I have done this too. But I'm sure I just deleted everything about two weeks ago. I try to do this regularly. The dang thing is about six years old, so I really shouldn't be complaining.

John_V 07-29-19 12:37 PM

Why are you powering it "OFF?" Doesn't the screen shut off automatically when on Pause and there is no activity for several minutes?

dieselgoat 07-30-19 08:40 PM

It powers off automatically after about 10 minutes. I'm 100% sure that in the past I have powered it off manually on occasion and also let it shut off automatically and both have resulted in my ride still being there when I powered it back on. I will try in the future to let it power off and see if that helps. I do quite a few rides where I stop in the middle and then continue on my route. Doing one Saturday as a matter of fact.

sierrabob 07-31-19 09:01 PM

Automatic shutoff only occurs if timer is stopped or was never started. This doesn't affect the distance. You can only zero out distance with the reset button or connect to Garmin Express. Is your database up to date?

mje 08-02-19 10:38 AM

This was happening to me and I also didn't get any happiness from cleaning the activities folder, so I upgraded to a 520. It makes the cynical side of me suspect planned obsolescence.

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