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gdlerner 07-21-19 09:00 AM

Disc rims
Hi guys
I want to upgrade my BF llama to disc brake I need a new rim for the front wheel , can some one recommend me one with 32Spokes?
Thank you

Kabuto 07-21-19 04:42 PM

Velocity Cliffhanger

gdlerner 07-22-19 05:24 AM

I need one that I can buy in Germany

Kabuto 07-22-19 05:35 AM

I'm pretty sure that since I can buy these rims over the counter at a local store in Tokyo, you will find someone selling them in Germany too. Mr. Google can help you there.

gdlerner 07-22-19 03:19 PM

No possible to find them in Germany I akready asked Dr google,another alternative

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