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BeefWithRice 06-15-11 01:17 PM

Trek 7.5 Fx 2008 model

I'm planning to buy this bike from a friend of mine for $450. Is it worth it?

jimbojonez 06-15-11 02:18 PM

Depending on the condition of the components and what would need to be fixed and replaced, its probably worth it.

lungdoc 06-15-11 04:26 PM

Does it suit your needs and is it the right size for you? If not it isn't worth it even at a lower price. If so seems like a decent deal to me if in good condition without needing major replacements/repairs. Our local Kijiji just had a 2008 7.5 WSD for $375, new 2011's are about 900 in Canada.

Rob13 06-15-11 07:02 PM

I just bought my son one for $150, Awesome bike!

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