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burnthesheep 05-31-19 11:01 AM

Update: tracking training load by....Zones
More than a month's some screenshots with some notes I took to show what was going on with each "peak" in the chart.
The current Z4 rise is because I'm spending a lot of effort on 3x8, 3x10, 2x20, 1x60 stuff to get my 40k TT efforts better and target an event.One problem with this is that I will need to have multiple "current zones" references for each time I do a new 20min test or other testing. Otherwise the zones and loads will skew over time.I didn't post it, but I'm also tracking my "best efforts" per ride or workout. Best 5s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 12min, 20min, hour.........basically what TP gives you each workout. Only problem with that so far is discipline. I don't have any kind of routine "benchmarking" workouts to get those numbers. So, they often may skew low depending on what interval durations I'm doing. As soon as I'm done with the TT work, I'm going to pour on the Z5. I think too often I go too hard or target too high on the VO2 and don't do enough Z5 stuff to tickle up my 3min to 4min power. Notice how the Z6 contribution is higher than Z5. I'd have expected the opposite perhaps.

Hermes 06-02-19 09:55 AM

To generate discussion, not a critique, here are some ideas/observations.

I attended a time trial discussion on training and position put on by three racers - 2008 female USA olympian ITT, Jelly Belly, pro racer TT specialist and a female former pro racer elite world champion time trialist.

All three had been to wind tunnel but could not ride the optimized position generated in the tunnel. They had to modify it to generate power. Take away: Know the aero trade offs such that one can shoot for an optimized position but be prepared with data to make adjustments as necessary for best road / track outcome.

All three did their hardest workouts, FTP and above, on the time trial bike and used the road bike for longer rides. The olympian would take two bikes to her tt course and ride the road bike for a couple of long climbing efforts and then go back to the car and do her z4 and above on the TT bike.

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