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Tobias Greenich 11-21-08 07:17 PM

Originally Posted by Andy_K (Post 7884466)

Originally Posted by Psimet2001 (Post 7886454)
Now...that's just silly....


I'm going to my first race this weekend, I should have pics afterwards! Whoo!

John Wilke 11-23-08 08:39 AM

Originally Posted by Psimet2001 (Post 7891298)
Nope. Seems like a old hippie only kind of category - perfect for the Pacific NW.

...besides...we had to make room in the schedule after we added the recumbent category.

A good friend's kid (13yo) almost kicked everyone's *** at track stands in the local fixie/messenger event last summer because he rides a unicycle everywhere. A bicycle is like a unicycle with training wheels! :roflmao2:

bruce282 11-23-08 01:28 PM

Leesburg VA CX Race
Here's some pictures from the morning races.


Tobias Greenich 11-23-08 06:04 PM

AZ Cross, 11-23-08

somnambulant 11-23-08 06:16 PM

Funny.. our race (provincial championship) went through a kid's playground today too, but the conditions were slightly different... snowy/muddy with temps hovering around the freezing mark!

shapelike 11-23-08 10:45 PM

Speaking of which ...

Ontario Provincial Cyclocross Championships:

Full set:

shapelike 11-23-08 10:47 PM

I'm guessing they don't sell a lot of Rhynos in Arizona ...

biffstephens 11-23-08 10:59 PM

Pretty good pic...

You'll have to click though

shapelike 11-24-08 12:04 AM

I wonder how early they have to show up to get that umbrella in the shot every week.

darkmother 11-24-08 01:25 PM

[QUOTE=shapelike;7906579]Speaking of which ...

Ontario Provincial Cyclocross Championships:

Who is the dude with the mullet? That's priceless, I wish I had noticed him during the race.

shapelike 11-24-08 02:32 PM

Erik Box of The Hub/Devinci. He was leading the elite points series until he crashed at the UCI weekend and effed up his knee. Props to him for coming out and cheering people on regardless. :)

Andy_K 11-24-08 02:35 PM

Originally Posted by Tobias Greenich (Post 7905107)
AZ Cross, 11-23-08

Well that race looks like a ride in the park. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Am I the only one of the opinion that sand sections should be short enough that you're at least tempted to ride them?

Allegheny Jet 11-24-08 09:33 PM

I'm suffering more than the image portrays.:D

myclem 11-25-08 12:13 AM

A few 35mm shots I took at a couple races this year:

flickr set:

flickr set:

ryand 11-30-08 06:56 PM

MABRAcross State Championships - Taneytown, MD

So, the start looked like this:

The sand looked like this:

The riders looked like this:

The falls looked like this:
(I really wish I didn't have mud caught on my lens cover so it would have opened before snapping this)

And the faces looked like this:

Full set on flickr

shapelike 12-01-08 06:42 AM

2008-11-30 @ Subway Cyclocross in Toronto:

... and what the hell, some black & white photos as well (it's going to be a long off-season):

Full set:

Psimet2001 12-01-08 02:27 PM

Chicago Cyclocross Cup - Woodstock
"Ooops, I snapped my crank." - Ara Oggoian
"Thanks for giving me your bike man....uh...and a prostate exam. Do you have a wrench?" - Ara Oggoian - well he never really said that, but I think he thought that....
We have come to kick ass, try to grab dollar bills like cheap strippers, and beg for brat and beer handups. - MJH2 on the left and myself on the right.
I like how they got the ambulance in the shot. Seems appropriate somehow.
I told you I can fly.
Hole-shot. #2 by the end of the straight only to the guy in red next to me....who went on to win.

"'re not going to shave that until Janurary?" - three BF-rs in line. MJH2, Myself, Jbernayge

sfcrossrider 12-01-08 02:41 PM

^^^ Looking gooood, my man! ^^^

Psimet2001 12-01-08 02:48 PM

Thanks! - forgot to mention that after the race I looked down and saw this...

I crushed souls with a flat. Best finish ever for me in a cyclocross race. Had the holeshot right off the start and it took a lap (out of 4) for most of the favorites to get by me. I lost positions because of form - completely. I just didn't have it.

We split the race into two on the first hill. Behind me was MJH2 at the finish and then there was noone for minutes.

Wish I had the motivation to train in the snow for the final race on Sunday.

3MTA3 12-01-08 03:48 PM

God of ‘cross I call you, my bike is ready to go
I seek a ride of glory, and free of EPO
I’ll attack the runs with fury

and on my pedals I’ll wail
Lord make me ride a recumbent

If I should ever fail

Psimet2001 12-01-08 04:14 PM

Originally Posted by 3MTA3 (Post 7945867)
God of Ďcross I call you, my bike is ready to go
I seek a ride of glory, and free of EPO
Iíll attack the runs with fury

and on my pedals Iíll wail
Lord make me ride a recumbent

If I should ever fail


Cyclocross is to cycling what a roundhouse kick is to Chuck Norris.

Andy_K 12-01-08 04:38 PM

There's nothing quite as humbling as being passed by a guy with a flat tire. I speak from experience.

VanceMac 12-02-08 09:47 PM

A few shots from Turkey Trot in socal this past Sunday.

jpearl 12-10-08 11:10 PM

Tons of new pix up on my blog, including a whole bunch of photos from the Capitol Cross in Reston, VA.

'nother 12-10-08 11:29 PM

A little sampler from our season so far:

It's California, so we do 'cross on the beach:

And of course we have those California Girls:

It's not quite Endless Summer here, but it sure felt like it at this night race held on November 15. No warmers required:

And we're into that psychedelic stuff:

And 'A' category riders that can hop barriers, going into an incline:

Hot-dog handups (probably made of tofu):

Other things that defy explanation:

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