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Hondo Gravel 07-01-20 07:30 PM

Ride #60 . 29.52 miles 2:20:56. Avg speed 12.5 mph

Hilly ride with a good share of climbing. The weather made this ride

Hondo Gravel 07-04-20 09:17 PM

Ride #61 33.94 miles 2:48:15. Avg speed 12.1 mph

I’m beating the 100+ weather by riding late and into the night. Should have started night riding sooner.
Niterider 900 does the job.
Goodbye hot sun.

Hondo Gravel 07-05-20 10:25 PM

Ride #62 30.88 miles. 2:30:54. Avg speed 12.2 mph

103 degrees today so I took off late and finished the ride at 11pm. I’m beginning to like night riding during this time of the year. Nice to ride without the merciless S Texas sun zapping all you’re energy...

Hondo Gravel 07-07-20 10:21 PM

Ride #63 . 26.46 miles. 2:18:18. Avg speed 11.4 mph

Took off late evening rode a hilly route at night. Ran into some feral hogs but that is a hazard of rural riding.
Thunderstorm didn’t have enough energy to make it here.
The first few miles there was some light left.

Hondo Gravel 07-09-20 10:13 PM

Ride #64 31.51 miles. 2:35:51. Avg speed. 12.1 mph

Getting use to night riding ... much cooler and I have more energy since the sun and the heat isn’t killing me :lol:
Started the ride as the sun was about to disappear.

Hondo Gravel 07-10-20 10:33 PM

Ride #65 . 32.27 miles. 2:41:48 Avg speed 11.9 mph

Flats and hills a mixed ride. Almost hit a leaping deer, a skunk, and a fox, and one owl. And it was still hot! The heat didn’t break as usual it will be 106 tomorrow so I might wait until midnight or just go drink beer instead :lol: I will see then.
Pit stop to take a leak and refuel with some Ritz crackers. Road to myself and that is great.

Hondo Gravel 07-12-20 09:59 PM

Ride. #66 . 26.12 miles. 2:11:11. Avg speed 11.9 mph
Good ride even known I was tired. Cooled down after the sunset. Lower humidity.. No hazards like the last night ride.
Bike ready to go just waiting for the 103 degree heat to break.
About a half mile from my garage.

Hondo Gravel 07-14-20 10:36 PM

Ride #67 . 30.54 miles. 2:36:37. Avg speed. 11.7 mph

Another hot day got to 106. Started riding at dark to avoid the heat.

Hondo Gravel 07-17-20 12:04 PM

A few days off the bike to prevent burnout. But all isn’t bad at all when I can have ice cold beer while cooling off. No public display of alcohol but you can put it in a container and drink. I like the rule it isn’t unreasonable and keeps Texas state parks good for families.
South Llano River SP. near Junction, Texas.

Hondo Gravel 07-18-20 08:50 PM

Ride #68 37.42 miles 3:01:30. Avg speed 12.3 mph

The oppressive heat finally moved on and I started the ride in the daylight. Temperature about 94 which isn’t too terrible. Took a few days off to clear mental fatigue that sometimes comes with the territory of riding a bike constantly. Good ride.
Time to get out the headlight and eat some crackers for some quick energy.

Hondo Gravel 07-20-20 10:06 PM

Ride #69 28.84 miles. 2:26:26. Avg speed. 11.8 mph

Ok ride. I was feeling bad due to last night and too many Bud Lights. :lol: stomach ached natured called and luckily I’m prepare for that. Afterwards I was feeling much better. Good thing it was a night ride :innocent:
Corn is almost ready for harvest.

Hondo Gravel 07-27-20 12:40 PM

Going to take up hiking for awhile. I think after 69 rides I got my legs and wind back. I just need a different discipline for awhile but as always I will return to cycling. I caught the hiking bug and I’m getting my hiking gear already to go. Texas state parks are open to limited capacity but most of them you can get a pass, especially on weekdays. 3-6 dollars I can afford :D so it won’t break the bank just to go hiking. Charging up my GPS and making sure the first aid kit is fresh and the good ole Swiss Army knife is sharp.

Hondo Gravel 07-29-20 07:40 PM

Hike #1 10.4 miles. 4:15 moving time.

Going to mix biking and hiking. I will be biking soon but going to throw in some hikes.
Great place to hike and MTB or ride a horse.
Break around mile 9 .. must have sweated out 3 gallons of water. Good thing I brought a change of clothes. My truck would have smelled nice lol.

Hondo Gravel 07-31-20 08:16 PM

Hike #2 . 6.93 miles. 3:36 moving time
Hot and humid as always.
Rain is building

Hondo Gravel 08-03-20 12:24 PM

River hiking not going to count but I did land a good sized Guadalupe Bass in the South Llano River in central Texas.

Hondo Gravel 08-07-20 09:00 PM

Hike #3 . 8.57 miles GPS berserk no moving time data.

Hill Country SNA
Original homestead. The next picture
Historic horse barn.

Hondo Gravel 09-22-20 10:18 AM

Back into biking starting today. Brutal heat is over and I need my cycling fix. So Ride #1 starts today.

Hondo Gravel 09-22-20 01:07 PM

Ride #1 . 22.66 miles. 1:54:47. Avg speed 11.8 mph

Strong north wind due to a tropical depression but no rain. Feels great to be back.
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