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FireMed 09-16-19 09:17 AM

Iowa Intro
Rode casually in the past, but quickly becoming my new hobby and stress reliever. Just bought a new bike and have been hitting the trails!

cb400bill 09-16-19 10:03 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Congrats on the new ride!

FireMed 09-16-19 10:18 AM

Thanks. Been great so far.

delbiker1 09-16-19 03:49 PM

Enjoy the biking world, be safe out there.

GrainBrain 09-16-19 05:16 PM

Welcome, what trails have you ridden?

bikemig 09-16-19 05:18 PM

Originally Posted by GrainBrain (Post 21125288)
Welcome, what trails have you ridden?

Welcome and I'm with @GrainBrain. There are lot of great trails in Iowa; which ones are you riding?

deephate 09-16-19 05:31 PM

Welcome from Mason City! Yes what trails??

acslater55 09-18-19 01:56 PM


FireMed 09-19-19 09:54 AM

I live in WDM so Jordan Creek trails, done the High Trestle, bike down to Cumming, ect.

Also some of the single track off the levee, and Walnut creek trails.

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