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ahsposo 04-04-20 06:13 AM

Ain't No Sunshine; Goodbye Bill
This guy wasn't the most prolific songwriter, his career was relatively short because he was just a "regular guy" and wanted to stay that way. I will admit that I never bought one of his albums, played one of his songs on a jukebox or bought it off of iTunes but his work is part of the soundtrack of my life. It took his obituary for me to appreciate what a remarkable, likable guy he was. I'm sorry I didn't pay more attention to him earlier.

When he officially entered the record business at age 31, he was wise enough to be properly repulsed by it, and he resolved to approach his songwriting in a broad-minded way. “You can make songs about trucks, ducks,” Withers told a Dutch television crew in 2011. “Everything you could possibly think or feel or imagine, whether you’re happy or homicidal or whatever — there’s probably a song for it.” (Chris Richards, Washington Post)

Withers’s discography flourished long after he retired from performing, but he opted out of the spotlight in favor of spending more time with his family. “I can make a record if I want to, but I’d rather spend the time home with my kids and snuggled up under my wife. It’s warm in there,” Withers told The Post in 1991 ahead of a stint at Blues Alley.

“One of my favorite quotes is from Louis Armstrong,” Withers added. “ ‘Better a has-been than a never-was.’ ”

clemsongirl 04-04-20 09:33 AM

his inspirational ‘lean on me’ always has it’s place in times like what we are going through today!

Deal4Fuji 04-04-20 10:13 AM

There's a Bill Withers thread in the C&V section that got an earlier start yesterday.
USAZorro posted this really good song by Bill Withers I didn't know, and I didn't know about his military service until his death. The introduction reminds me a lot of the Bruce Springsteen into to his cover of War.

Clyde1820 04-04-20 10:49 AM

Been listening to his music for years. Sad to hear of his passing.

The Essential Bill Withers, a 2013 compilation album of many of his greatest works --

no motor? 04-04-20 12:57 PM

He did have an amazing story, and didn't get suckered into the music business like too many do.

Shimagnolo 04-04-20 06:28 PM

no motor? 07-05-20 02:48 PM

Sound Opions featured him this week, I thought it was pretty interesting.

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