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67tony 05-05-20 11:10 AM

Raleigh...39 years old!
Any valuation opinions are appreciated...thanks in advance!
Raleigh Sports, 3-speed, 1981, very good original condition, catalog details here:
'The Headbadge' - Vintage bicycle information

branko_76 05-05-20 02:02 PM

Any valuation opinions are appreciated...thanks in advance!
Raleigh Sports, 3-speed, 1981, very good original condition, catalog details here:

'The Headbadge' - Vintage bicycle information

67tony , That looks more like the Tourist in the link you posted

67tony 05-05-20 07:58 PM

There are three bikes on that page...
Just below the Tourist is the Sports, and below that is the Roadster AW.

67tony 05-06-20 01:41 PM

I've got no flipping experience with 3-speeds, and want to make a sensible offer.
It is in mint condition, but would need all bearings cleaned and re-greased.
What might be a reasonable offer?

nlerner 05-06-20 03:59 PM

I’d be shocked if that were an ‘81; looks more like a ‘71. In my area (Boston) they range from $75 - $300, but that’s asking price. When I’ve sold similar bikes, it’s usually for around $75-100, but that’s priced to sell.

67tony 05-06-20 08:11 PM

Originally Posted by nlerner (Post 21459609)
Iíd be shocked if that were an Ď81; looks more like a Ď71. In my area (Boston) they range from $75 - $300, but thatís asking price. When Iíve sold similar bikes, itís usually for around $75-100, but thatís priced to sell.

Great help, thanks!
He's apparently got an owner's manual, so it'll be interesting to see it in person and verify the age.

I've gotta be careful about letting the mint frame condition sway me too much.
I don't think the 3-speed market cares much about that, plus I believe it's a narrower market of buyers.

67tony 05-08-20 06:38 AM

nlerner, you have a very good eye!

The 1970 catalog (linked here) shows a Raleigh Sports Deluxe that looks just like this bike.
So, the title of this thread should say a 49-year-old Raleigh!
It's still an interesting possible purchase, I go to see it next week.

Is there a community of 3-speed people who may appreciate, and pay, for a bike in original pristine condition?
Unfortunately, fleabay may be the best avenue to flip a bike with such a narrow buyer market...

ramzilla 05-09-20 09:06 PM

Looks like a nice bike that's ready for a new rider and many more miles on the clock. I think that one was built in England. So, the steel used was the highest quality stuff on the planet. Very nice. Worth at least a week's wages or more. You would be lucky to get that for less than $175.

67tony 05-10-20 06:02 AM

What year did they switch to USA production?

67tony 05-10-20 06:07 AM

Never mind, I found the answer here, thanks to Sheldon Brown!

StarBiker 05-10-20 06:39 AM

I was 39 once.......

I listed this one with broken cables and a worn Brooks saddle for $120 and all kinds of people wanted it. Needed tires also. Was 9 years ago though. And it is nicer looking. Heavy bike.

67tony 05-11-20 05:50 AM

I still haven't eyeballed this bike, but in communication with the owner he states it is a 1969 Sports.

67tony 05-20-20 07:34 AM

The bike is indeed a '69 Raleigh excellent, almost museum, condition. We're estimating under 50 miles total. It's a one-owner bike that the son is selling, and he is a solid guy. It's not my niche, nor a grail bike for me, so we did not reach an agreement on value.

If anybody is interested, and it's still available, shoot me a PM and I will try to accommodate.

barnfind 05-25-20 02:50 AM

I put a slightly crusty ladies model up on Thursday here with an "I don't really want to sell it" price of $400 on it and I got 9 emails in two hours, the first guy to show up bought it, he didn't look it over, he didn't ride it, nothing, he just handed me cash, wrapped it up in a blanket and shoved it in the back of his minivan.
I was hoping it wouldn't sell right away because I had the idea of switching the wheel sets with one of my other bikes, but for $400, I wasn't worrying about it.
I see rusty examples listed all the time for $250 to $350 that look like they spent the last 40 years as lawn ornaments not bicycles and they all seem to sell pretty fast.
If its got any factory extras on it, like a Dynohub, rear rack, or lights it rarely stays listed for more than a few hours lately.

About a week ago I really noticed bikes in general have really shot up in price and just about anything I've listed has gone pretty quick. Even bikes I've had listed for a year or more all of a sudden have found homes.

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