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FlashBazbo 05-02-19 10:19 AM

What do you do with "occasional use" tubeless tires between uses?
I have two sets of wheels for my gravel bike. One wears 700x36 tires and the other 650x47. I only use the 650b tires / wheels a couple times per year. But as they wait their turn, they lose air and the sealant starts to congeal in the bottom of the tire. Rather than maintaining the constant readiness of my 650b tubeless tires, I'm wondering if I shouldn't remove those tires, clean them and the wheels of sealant, and store them separate -- then mount the tires those couple times per year as an appropriate race date approaches.

If you've got multiple sets of tubeless tires in a rotation, what do you do with the set that's "on the bench?" Do you periodically inflate, check sealant levels, and spin those wheels? Or do you strip them and store them for mounting closer to the time they're needed?

chas58 05-02-19 10:29 AM

Yeah, you can't let them sit. If they are race only and only a couple times a year, yes - take them apart and assemble them before the race.

Personally, I:
  • Rotate my spare wheels every week or so (especially in deep winter where they don't get much use) and ride them at least once a month.
  • Put tubes in tires that get limited use. Some of my older bikes don't get the seat time to warrant tubeless.

Other alternative is to get a non latex sealant that doesn't dry up (slime).

redlude97 05-02-19 10:30 AM

I just spin them around every month or two. They lose air but dont come off the beads. Then just check sealant levels before riding

wsteve464 05-02-19 10:34 AM

I ignore them until I want to use them, then install sealant and ride, no racing though.

Canker 05-02-19 01:47 PM

I just put tubes in them. Tubeless is for the tires I use on a regular basis.

DrIsotope 05-02-19 02:11 PM

If you're going to go several months without using them, pull 'em off, clean 'em out, fold 'em back up. I just mounted my "summer" tires (after finding out that my usual off-road routes are a blown-out sandy apocalypse from lack of rain) and took off my usually year-round Hutchinson Overides. I just sprayed the tires with the hose, wiped them out, refolded them, and put them in the nifty boxes the summer tires came in. They'd only been on the bike about 2 months (~1,200 miles, give or take,) so they looked brand new. For clarity, I use Orange Seal, and the tires came out absolutely clean.

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