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hwheel72 03-03-20 01:49 PM

Simplex Help
I'm looking to see if anyone has suggestions on replacement springs for Simplex Criterium RD? I could always get a replacement but looking for alternate ideas as well. Thanks for any help.


francophile 03-03-20 02:36 PM

I would salvage from a dead parts pile. I keep a number of carcasses laying around for just this reason. There may be other brands to use? But I've never needed to.

Best part: The local co-op has bins loaded with incomplete Simplex mechs.

bikemig 03-03-20 02:41 PM

Same problem here with a simplex sx 410 t that came stock on a PXN 10. I've been told that suntour wheels will work. I found a cheap one (one dollar) on eBay and it should be here soon.

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