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Leinster 08-18-20 08:45 AM

Car/SUV Rental for a Family Trip
We're planning a get-out-of-the-Covid trip up to a cabin in the woods some time next month, and while we're just about surviving with our Prius and Focus living in town, they're not going to cut the mustard bringing 3 kids and 4 bikes (plus all our food) on a 3 hour drive into the mountainous wilderness. But renting a mini-van will obviously be a lot cheaper than the flights we would have been getting for this holiday, so our transportation budget is actually pretty flexible.

What solutions have people used to carry 2 adult road bikes (one has a Yepp seat, which will be stowed in the vehicle) plus 2 16" wheel kids bikes on long road trips? And are these solutions available from rental companies as add-ons generally?

If the solution works well enough, it'll probably be what we buy down the line as the little ones get bigger and the Yepp seat gets traded in for something with its own wheels, so this is probably exploratory. And we may end up not bringing the bikes on this trip, but I'd like to.

Ironfish653 09-01-20 10:26 AM

Usually, bike racks arenít offered on typical rentals. Hertz says that a 4-bike carrier is available for certain vehicles, but youíd have to call them for the details.
If you have a good trunk-mount rack, like a Saris Bones, itíll fit just about any vehicle, and carry up to three of your bikes. Bonus, that it can also be used on the cars you already have.

If your rental already has roof rails, you could add bike carriers to it, as well. Iíve put cargo carriers on rental SUVs before. Just donít leave any scratches (electrical tape around the clamps works pretty well)

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