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Jim from Boston 12-18-14 04:21 AM

what makes cycling so much fun?

Originally Posted by dbg (Post 17099516)
... Everything seems better when you worked hard to experience it.

Originally Posted by on the path (Post 17099634)
Cycling helps me maximize the moment and minimize all else. And it's usually a great moment.

My magic moment when I realized what makes cycling fun (important) to me was at a lunch with two doctors about 20 years ago. We got to talking about the vicissitudes of life, like sudden death, or trival symptoms as harbingers of a serious disease. We eventually came around to that old chestnut to live life to the fullest everyday.

As we were leaving, the surgeon, a marathon runner, said, “Well, any day with a run in it is a good day for me.” I was already an avid cyclist and cycle commuter, and that clicked with me, any day with a ride in it is a good day for me.

Originally Posted by mcmoose (Post 17097813)
I make no claim to be wise, but I'll toss out two possible smile-inducing aspects:

1) Mechanical Advantage -- bicycles are wonderful machines that magically increase the output of our physical efforts….There's an inherent pleasure in having that level of physical efficacy.

2) Near-Perfect Optic Flow Rate -- we are visual critters, and there's an intrinsic joy in watching the world flow by. But driving in a car is really too fast to appreciate the world around you …and walking is too slow to be that visually interesting (unless you're surrounded by visual wonders). But biking -- that's pretty much a perfect pace.

Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 17397922)
Getting from A to B on your own power, even if B=A, is pretty cool and an accomplishment.

And the endorphins.

This is what makes cycle commuting in particular fun. A big part of life is gettiing from A to B, and back.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 17252457)
I think of my commute in terms of satisfaction:
Cycling >>>>>Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>Driving,

But another dimension is time:
Driving>>>>>>>>>Train (scheduling)>>>>Cycling.

Then there’s Focus (concentration):

Jim from Boston 12-18-14 04:43 AM

Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 17105320)
Cycling keeps me immature.

As a collateral comment to what makes cycling fun, with regards to the personal image one projects as a cyclist, I posted a reply to the above identical comment on another Fifty-Plus thread, ”The appeal……”

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 7055901)

Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 17267974)
….Bicycling keeps me a good way.

…My cycling lifestyle in many ways makes me feel somewhat “alienated” (“immature”) in a good way from the usual American car-focused lifestyle, and I’m grateful for that. My cycling reputation, mundane as my cycling might be to the hard-core cyclists, is always a source of amusement and conversation with my friends and acquaintances; e.g. in bad weather, “You didn’t ride your bike today, did you?,” or at fancy social events, “Did you ride your bike here?.” Always asked with amusement and respect….

rydabent 12-18-14 08:06 AM

The answer to the question is probably all those mentioned above and many to come.

In a way for the most part cycling is a personal thing, and you are left to your thots as you roll along.

bruised 12-18-14 08:30 AM

It's socially acceptable sadomasochism. I even get to dress up. What's not to like?

Jim from Boston 12-18-14 09:34 AM

Originally Posted by bruised (Post 17398328)
It's socially acceptable sadomasochism. I even get to dress up. What's not to like?

I like the dress up part too.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 15252137)
..When I’m carefully dressing in layers for my winter commute, making sure everything is in place and adjusted, I envision an astronaut preparing for a mission. When I arrive, all pumped up from the ride, and I walk down the hall swathed in my winter gear, helmet on my head, I think about the scene from the movie, “The Right Stuff.” where the astronauts stride down a corridor in their space suits to the Hallelujah Chorus at 2:58 in the movie trailer.

mr_bill 12-18-14 02:10 PM

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 17398517)
I like the dress up part too.

With the palette I wear, I always think of this scene from Monster's Inc.

18 Seconds in....

Anyhow, definitely have the face. Especially love this comic and all the local references. (Except the dutch-style child seats didn't make it to our shores until after he was too big. Still remember the day when he was on the trailer bike and for the first time pulled his own weight, well really pushed his own weight.)

-mr. bill

jskash 12-18-14 07:13 PM

Originally Posted by donheff (Post 17098482)
I think there is a touch of meditation going on. The scenery and the need to control the bike pull your mind away from whatever ruminations may be occupying your mind and drop you back in the moment.

Deep breathing also happens when cycling and meditation.

RideMyWheel 12-19-14 10:54 AM

Not being able to ride much recently has made me ponder this question a little more.

The aerobic high I get after just an hour in the saddle usually lasts six hours after the ride. It's more relaxing than a stiff drink and thus, I find myself abstaining.

I've tried many other forms of exercise: running, rowing, treadmill, elliptical, but nothing compares. They're all too boring because you're either moving too slow or not moving at all. So I think the second part of my answer has to do with how fast the scenery changes, and how many things you have to focus on to remain safe. I am NEVER bored on a bike. I have a touch of A.D.D. and I've read that some people call cycling their Ritalin. So that's probably true for me as well.

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