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valygrl 09-28-14 07:38 AM

I can't find a feed that's unrestricted in the USA.

anyone know what happend to van Garderen?

furiousferret 09-28-14 08:14 AM

Watching Live amtsport (Italian)

furiousferret 09-28-14 08:31 AM

Nice race by Kwiatkowski, didn't see him holding it off.

abhirama 09-28-14 08:33 AM

What a finish! I'd have expected the other big names to take more chances though..

grolby 09-28-14 09:07 AM

Originally Posted by abhirama (Post 17168622)
Live stream from the men's race. Phil Liggett is being made to look like a fool by his co-commentator, Jose Been. I wish she talked more and he less (or even better, not at all).

Couldn't agree more. She was fantastic. She should get his job.

Originally Posted by ShutUpLegs (Post 17168737)
Anybody watch the women's race yesterday? Armistead had the perfect move with 4 of them coming to finish and none of them worked. I guess they figured if they dragged Vos to the line she was the best sprinter, but can't was an interesting finale.

That was a great race. Promising selection brought down by too much brinksmanship in the final 1.5 k. It's been amazing to see PFP emerge this season - perhaps the next great multidiscipline super-talent. Vos still had enough left to mount a decent sprint at the end, even if it wasn't for the podium. I've seen some people talking about this race like it was the end of the Vos era. Ridiculous - she's still the boss. If anything, it's her competition improving, not her getting worse.

Originally Posted by abhirama (Post 17168971)
What a finish! I'd have expected the other big names to take more chances though..

Too much to lose, I guess. No one was really willing to seize the moment, and with such a large group still together at the base of the last climb, it's not surprising. Kwiatkowski really chose the perfect moment to make his move. Pulled the other favorites free as well, so you have to wonder if you would've seen a similar group and rainbow jersey for Gerrans if he hadn't done it. I'm delighted to see Kwiatkowski take it. It was a tense final few kilometers as I was really pulling for him, but the gap was so small by the end that I just wasn't sure. If he had been brought back, my only mantra would've been "anyone but Valverde." Anyone else in that group would've been a deserving winner.

abhirama 09-28-14 10:07 AM

I got the impression that no one had the gas left to do a full blooded chase on the last lap. I was also very impressed by that first-year Danish pro in the break. Strange also to see Cancellara try absolutely nothing, especially after giving up the TT for this race.

hack 09-28-14 10:56 AM

No one would come around Gilbert (I think he was on the front) with ~1k to go to help with the chase. That's a tough roll of the dice. Either help chase and risk having nothing for the sprint or don't help chase to save energy but risk not catching Kwiatkowski.

hack 09-29-14 10:23 AM

Kwiatkowski's strava for the race:

Bike Ride Profile | 253 kilometers near Ponferrada | Times and Records | Strava

mattm 09-29-14 11:09 PM

pollack for the win!!

nice one.

(just caught up)

YMCA 09-30-14 05:29 AM

Kwia is a deserving champ for sure. When he feels good, he takes races by the horn.

Gerrans played his game and lost out. Tap through a few times with the boys and everyone will assist as well. Sit there and hope? You'll get maybe, or maybe not. He's made quite a career off his strategy, so whatev's.

Racer Ex 09-30-14 08:20 PM

Originally Posted by YMCA (Post 17174227)
Gerrans... He's made quite a career off his strategy

The guy used to annoy me. Lately he's grown on me. He wouldn't be a bad guy to be in a lifeboat with unless you were having to draw straws.

echappist 10-12-14 09:11 AM


Ygduf 10-12-14 03:07 PM

htf do you learn that skill.

Imma just ride up here and push that car to a stop.

echappist 10-12-14 04:05 PM

also nominate the third rider (MTN?) who avoided the back wheel of the AG2R rider. Some mad handling skills all around

YMCA 10-12-14 04:15 PM


Clipped_in 10-12-14 09:33 PM

He took lessons from this girl

hack 10-12-14 11:30 PM

what the what? I imagine that driver got an earful at some point for that one.

hack 10-16-14 02:05 PM

So, with three recent drug failures, Astana is under review by the UCI. Wonder at what point Nibali's TDF will be called into question (if it hasn't been already).

mattm 04-07-15 08:45 PM

Catching up with the Pais Vasco today - how about that crash at the end of stage 1??

Can't believe the organizers would allow those metal poles on the course, with just cones on them.. wtf.

hack 04-07-15 09:01 PM

^That is such a laughably bad setup. Sucks that some of the guys got severely injured as a result. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but I'd love to see the logic behind that.

mattm 04-07-15 09:06 PM

yeah really.

even velo promo wouldn't allow that!!

sounds like the organizers asked the city for the poles to be removed, but it never happened..

hack 04-07-15 09:08 PM

been a rough week for crashes with those poles and the Shimano cars at Flanders

aaronmcd 04-07-15 09:15 PM

Originally Posted by mattm (Post 17699881)
yeah really.

even velo promo wouldn't allow that!!

sounds like the organizers asked the city for the poles to be removed, but it never happened..

Lol. Hay bales ftw!

Ygduf 04-07-15 11:05 PM

did they die?

that is the most ****ed up thing I've seen. They couldnt get 20' of barricades?

mattm 04-07-15 11:28 PM

Buncha broken bones - nobody died at least.

BMC guy was Stetina, broken fibia and 4 ribs I think they said. 3-4 others with assorted broken stuff.. probably a bunch of others with injuries.

Riders held a 5-minute "protest" at the start of the next stage, but those rarely make a difference. Doesn't seem like the UCI or the riders' union can really do anything about it; I mean they already have rules to avoid this kind of stuff but it doesn't seem like there's any accountability.

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